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has pet puppy made son's chest worse?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this website. I am looking for some advice please? My son has PCD and has recently been admitted to hospital due to low LF and there was much more secretions in his lungs than the doctors expected.

My concern is that is has been admitted much sooner than normal (7 months). But usually every couple of years.

Is this because we have introduced a pet dog? (Last 5 months)?

No other environmental factors have changed and test shows son is borderline allergic.? But does all the extra pet dander in the air contribute?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for reading and hopefully replying


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i know of many people with PCD who have pets, including cats, dogs and horses. I myself have had cats and a dog and never had a problem,. However if your son has an allergy to certain animals then that could be a trigger, as in anyone with allergies, not just those of us with PCD.

Wishing that your son gets well again very soon.

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Hi Carolanne,

Josh has grown up with cats, and we introduced a puppy last August, we have not noticed any reaction however the dog is a cockerpoo so blissfully there is no hair loss. As Terry has suggested it may not be a related factor to the PCD. I am sure like Josh the benefit

that Alfie gets from his new best friend will be amazing!


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Thank you for you replies, they were most helpful. We will buy a wireless dyson to keep pet hair to a minimum and we are thinking of investing in an air purifier. Which leads to another question - do any of u use an air purifier?

Thanks again.

Best wishes xxx


We bought my husband 3 Oransi air purifiers for the house because we have 3 indoor cats who shed. I try to vacuum every day but don't always get to it. He thinks the air purifiers help, but I can't tell any difference. It must help though with small particles. Good luck!

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I am allergic to cat dander and I produce more phlegm when I am near a cat. My sinus get more plugged up and I wheeze A LOT more which is too bad because I have always wanted a pet cat. Dander may stick around more in my respiratory tract due to the PCD. Some PCD patients can tolerate pets more better then others.


Thank u for your replies. Unfortunately we felt we had to re home our beloved puppy as my sons chest didn't clear up very much. However since then, his LF has improved and stayed steady, so we feel it was the puppy dander that contributed to his ill health at the beginning of the year. As sad as it was, we r soo much happier now our son is doing well! Xx


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