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Is atelectasis a common problem with people who have bronchiectasis and have primary ciliary dyskinesia?

I was told by my doctor that I had atelectasis which was observed on a chest x-ray located in the area where I had past pneumonia when I was pregnant with my daughter. I don't know what this means to my health or the treatment for atelectasis or if atelectasis is a permeant thing for me now. I will ask my doctor more question when I see him at the next visit. For now I have am I stay at home mom and chest infection are much less frequent and the chronic pain I felt in one lung has almost gone away except for today but hopeful tomorrow will be a good day. I understand what atelectasis is and how it can happen but is a common issues with our syndrome I don't know that answer.

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Atelectasis, I believe it is a partial collapse of the lung. Seeing as it can occur in those with a lung condition then it must be amongst those of us with PCD. I don't know how common it is with PCD though.

I had a pneumothorax as a 5 year old, where the whole lung was collapsed, but that was many years ago and treatment would be completely different these days.

I hope you manage to get it sorted out well and are not left with any problems.

Wishing you all the best.



My 7 year old son with PCD had a partial collapse. not sure how common, but I don't believe it is unusual.


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