When do you know when you need to see a doctor?

So my daughter is 3 and a half she was diagnosed around 4months so i should know what im doing! I was just wondering when you feel you/your child needs to see a doctor. Im only asking as i think im a little OTT i still check on her regularly througbout the night and even count her breaths per minute! When Erin was about 5/6 months i took her to a&e because she was breathing fast and she needed to stay in for IV and then it happened again the following year. Luckily those are the only hospital admissions so far shes needed courses of anti biotics and other medication a long the way. Since her being admitted other than scaring me seeing her being poked and prodded it also is really hard finacially as my other half doesnt get paid so if im with Erin he needs to be at home with our son. So i feel like im constantly panicking if i hear her cough or sneeze. Shes had a good summer but of course the winters kicking in now. At the beginning of october i took her to the gp as i noticed she was more wheezy and had more of a thick green snotty nose he prescribed her usual 2week course and shes been fine since but ive noticed last couple if days shes sounding wheezy in the mornings, a little snotty not majorly and tonight ive heard her cough a couple if times. Shes fine within herself eating playing no temp. I just wondered if any of yourselves or children had warning signs that you felt you may need medication do you see how it goes and try fight it or go straight to your gp? I try to avoid going out in the cold as she sounds wheezy after school run but her dad works so i have to take her when i take my son to school. Sorry for long waffling post! Thanks

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  • Hi.... a couple of things I might suggest (and you may have just not mentioned in your message) is that if she has increased sputum, is coughing more or you see that the sputum is green it is important to do a cough swab or sputum test to see what bug she is growing. If you just get an ordinary antibiotic prescription from the GP it might make her better for a few weeks but it if it isn't the correct antibiotic for the bug then it might return quite quickly. Also if you think her symptoms are increasing you can also telephone your Respiratory Nurse Specialist at the PCD Centre who may suggest you get an appointment with her PCD doctor for a quick review. Hope she has a good winter! Also, did you get her Flu vaccination?

  • Yes the last time i noticed green i contacted the brompton who sent a prescription to my gp and i called our district nurse who did a cough and nose swab. I dont see what she coughs up as she swallows it! She has had her flu jab we all did. X

  • Hi. Also might be worth getting swabbed every month as sometimes the kids are without symptoms yet still have an infection.

  • She used to get a swab done every month but since moving no-one does it i have to ring them. I have told her peaditrician though he was going to contact the district nurses. X

  • Sounds as if you are doing all you can!

  • Thank you im constantly worrying and panicking that i could be doing more. She seems fine so i dont even know why im worried just having a wobble. Doesnt help that shes being a right madam for physio at the moment but were seeing her physio monday hoping she'll have some ideas!

  • Try not to panic! Good luck with physio

  • I have to say, that all my life the cough has been productive and can vary in colour from day to day, even from hour to hour, especially at the beginning and end of a good physio session, where I am obviously reaching the parts I would not normally reach, cough wise. I can have what looks like the beginnings of an infection and yet a day later it all looks fine and I am back to normal (for me!).

    I know it is an infection when I begin to feel sluggish, don't want to do much, feel tired and also lose my appetite.

    I'm not sure if it's possible, as I can't remember what I did when I was four years old, but would it worth trying to get your daughter to learn how to cough into a tissue? Better out than in, I feel, also you would be able to monitor things a bit easier. Maybe your daughter's physiotherapist can recommend ways of achieving this or maybe she is still a bit young yet, I'm not sure.

    All the best, I hope she keeps well...and you too.