Is it safe to take Antihistamines and anti Travel sickness Tabs

Hi everyone, . I was diagnosed with P B C in June last year after having abnormal blood tests for almost three years. I am going on Holiday to Thailand for Easter, and I am allergic to Mosquito Bites, will be taking all the usual precautions to combat the Bites , but was thinking of taking some Piriton with me as a precaution, also some Travel sickness Tablets as it's such a long flight. Does anyone know if this is ok.

Thanks Jenny

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  • I really hope so,I take bynadryl when the itchiness gets unbearable,my Dr knows says its ok!!

  • Hi there jennyhall06 my liver consultant told me to take piriton whenever I get itchy but maybe it depends on how much liver damage you have x

  • I'm prescribed Loratadine for hay fever as GP said this would be OK with Ursodeoxycholic acid. X

  • I take Xyzal as an antihistamine. Im pretty sure the travel sickness pills we have say dont take with antihistaimne. I would go and ask your your pharacist for some advice on this. You can always not take the antihistamine the day you travel?

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback, did ask the Pharmacist but was told to consult my G P,

    Just didn't wan't to bother him Thanks again for your input it has been really helpful. Jennyx

  • Hi Jenny

    I am in South Africa from the UK at the moment and have taken both - no probs with me x

  • Thanks Shirley that's really helpful, I will get both before I travel next week,

    Thanks again Jenny xxx

  • TRy this, it's EXELENT, I'm using for ten years. The best thing for all my family, no side effects:

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