Bad reaction to bites?

Hi all,

I have a quick question. Does anybody react badly to insect bites since they were diagnosed.

I've always been tasty to insects but especially Mosquitos (who's bites I react badly to) but in the last month I have had a particularly bad reaction to being bitten (not mosquitos but something else).

Is this just bad luck or is it another side effect of PBC?

Thanks xx

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  • Hello Jaxter.

    No I've not had any problem since diagnosis. I have been bitten once by some bug since and just had a bit of an itchy area (to add to the PBC itch!) for a couple days.

    Not been stung by a wasp/bee for quite some years and expect if I was to in future I'd not have a reaction. I am in the UK so mosquitoes would really be something I'd get.

    I think some of us are more prone to insects/bugs biting or stinging us for some reason I do not know. I know when I was growing up we had 2 dogs and occasionally they would succumb to fleas. My sister and I never got bothered our younger brother, they seemed to love him. My own daughter seems to a target for bugs too, recently she got bitten by a horse fly when out in the UK coiuntryside and was the same last year.

  • Ouch, horsefly bites are very nasty, bless her.

    Thanks for your reply, it's hard sometimes to work out what's connected and what is just happening anyway!

    I've always been prone to being bitten but only ever had bad reaction to mosquito bites.

    This reaction is totally new to me, it's not a mosquito bite but my arm is very red, hot and swollen and I have a big bump on my head from one! It's the 3rd time in as many weeks I have had this reaction, my last bite I ended up on antibiotics as it got infected.

    Guess I'm going to just have to be extra careful, it really itches not fun on top of the normal itch 😉

    Thanks again for your reply, I really appreciate having a place to ask these questions xxxx

  • Hi Jaxter,

    Sorry to hear about the painful bites, not fun for you!

    I've not been bitten particularly, but do have mor reactions in my body to external things, than I did prior to diagnosis (such as in that post about over-reactions and how to dampen them down.)

    I know everyone's different, but perhaps the auto immune condition is adding a certain element to the reaction?

    Do hope it starts to calm itself down soon! X

  • Hi Jaxter,

    Eurax HC cream is a very, very good after-bite treatment.

  • Type O blood is sweeter and attracts more mosquitos and such! I do react differently to tick bites. Idk if they are getting nastier or what it is but that spot where they attach will itch for weeks. It didn't use to do that to me.

  • So it's sweet blood that makes them go for me ;) luckily no ticks round here, they are really nasty little critters! Dread to think how I would react to that nowadays ;)

    Thanks for answering xx

  • Thank you @badpiglet, I'll look out for that. Taking antihistamine and using a bite cream and ice pack at the moment.

    Thanks @shine1 I appreciate your reply, this kind of reaction is certainly new to me!

    Jax xx

  • Hi Jaxter

    If I didn't know any better I would think you were talking about me! I too have bad reactions to bites sometimes becoming a little bit paranoid especially when out in the country side with the horseflies and abroad with the mosquitos infact only last week I had a bad reaction to a bite while cutting the grass in my garden and ended up being on a drip for a few days. More often than not to stop this happening I usually take antistamines ,spray insect repellent on exposed skin and carry an after sting stick just in case .x

  • Thanks @poppygayle I've started antihistamine and use an after bite stick, I was ising Anthisan but have changed it to Eurax HC which seems to be a bit better. It's a tiny bite but a good portion of my forearm is red, hot and swollen but as yet not infected thankfully! Hopefully it will start to go down in the next few days.

    Jax xx

  • Thought you'd written the original post Gail glad your feeling better X


  • Hi I don't no if it's anything to do with PBC which I also have. I got bite on my eye 2 weeks ago. It's was so bad I had to going hospital for 2 days had to have antibiotics. So maybe it is something to do with the illness.

  • @ Dese that sounds awful, I'm glad you get it sorted xx

  • Hi Jaxter, I also react badly to mosquito bites though it's nothing to do with the PBC. I found a product called Mosquito Milk. It's a roll on insect repellent and works brilliantly. I even use it if I'm in the garden as it repels all biting insects (not many mosquitos in Scotand 😂) It's available online from Chemist Direct. Hope this helps 😊

  • Thanks @Tigger858 I'll get some of that, sounds great! Always looking for ways to keep mosquitos at bay! Plus if it stops the other insects it's a winner

    Jax xx

  • I have been symptom free with PBC for 18 yrs, and been bitten a LOT, but no, never a reaction.

  • Thanks @Elianan, that's good to know xx

  • It's nothing to do with having PBC, it's just your immune system reacting in your own unique way as we all do. I take an antihistamine every day as I react to pollen, dust - you name it! Keep well and informed without panicking - a big ask at times. Good luck.

  • Mosquitos & every bug under the sun loves me - nothing to do with PBC

  • Thanks @ ohio82, I've always been an insects picnic, just never has the reaction been as severe. Just luck I guess. A friend thinks I may have developed a allergy to histamine, she gets a similar reaction. Worth looking into

    Thanks for replying xx

  • I've always had really bad reactions to bites - I think everyone gets bitten - its whether your histamine reacts or not to it. Nothing to do with PBC. at all.

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