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Is it safe to take ursodeoyxcholic acid whilst breastfeeding?

I was diagnosed with PBC recently after having my second child, he is 7 month's old and I am still breastfeeding. I mentioned this to the consultant who said it would be okay to take ursodeoxycholic acid which he has prescribed on a dosage of 600 mg twice daily. However, on reading the leaflet it says it should not to be taken whilst breastfeeding. I've spoken to my own doctor who said there's just not enough information/statistics out there to say yes it's safe so the manufacturer has to say no. So she basically said its up to me and they'd support me either way. I've tried getting him on a bottle/formula and he's just not interested and to be honest I'd rather continue breastfeeding. Just wondered if anyone has any experience with this?


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Hello Vixta75.

Well I suppose it's not up to anyone to say really unless of course there are some other mothers with PBC on here who have experience of feeding a baby and taking/not taking urso whilst doing so.

I've always looked on urso as a supplement as opposed to a medication as such. I say this as urso is a synthesized component of bile acid.

I think there are lots of drugs out there prescribed by doctors that state not to be used in such a condition and others that can interact but very often it's taken anyway.

Would it be possible to perhaps discuss with your doctor about taking say half the dosage whilst feeding your baby as opposed to the full tablet dosage daily.

Hope you find some balance here but if you feel you have to switch your baby to a bottle milk then don't be harsh on yourself. I think you have done champion to give your child a good start until he/she reached 7 months old. I managed 2 months with my first child and slightly less with my second but at the end of the day I did give it a go.


Hi Peridot

Thank you for your reply.

I like your way of thinking of urso being a supplement supposed to being medication, makes sense.

Being a Mum you always think of baby before yourself! Anyway not had much luck with him taking a bottle and after alot of consideration decided to keep breastfeeding.

Thanks again for your help and wish you all the best. x


Hi Vixta75,

I am in the process of waiting for a final diagnosis (which I am hoping to get next week). They first discovered my raised levels early in my pregnancy last year and put me on Urso straight away, I have been taking 500 mg twice a day ever since. My gorgeous boy was born in September and I have breast fed ever since. I asked the question if it was ok to breast feed whilst taking Urso (and ok for the development of my baby whilst pregnant) they repeatedly said yes. It came up again when I was with the liver nurse (after I had been feeding him for 4 months) and she phoned and double checked for me and agreed it is ok to breast feed. I think they can not state it is safe if there has been no actual scientific studies done even though there seems not to be an issue.

Peridot is right, it is totally up to you if you feel happy doing it or not whilst taking the Urso, I wouldn't put any unnecessary pressure on yourself, to have breast fed for 7 months is really great.

I am still breast feeding and I have no plans to stop just yet, I hope I have made the right decision, my little one seems happy and healthy so far.

Hope that helps xx


Hi Jaxter

Thanks for your reply, glad to hear your baby is doing well and you're continuing to breastfeed.

Appreciate your comments and after much consideration I've decided to continue breastfeeding for a while until the little monkey takes a bottle (not playing ball at the moment!).

All the best for you both and hope you all stay happy and healthy.



Hi. I was diagnosed just after having my second baby. I breastfed but my consultant advised me to stop breastfeeding whilst on urso. This was over 2 years ago so things may have changed since then. Laura x



You are correct. From the NHS, updated 2013:


In the case of Ursodeoxycholic Acid:

women who are breast-feeding must not take this medicine


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