Has anyone else here experienced leg paralysis when getting out of bed?

It's happened to me a couple of times when getting out of bed middle of the night to get a drink I literally drop to the ground and can't move my legs for a couple of minutes. There us no pins and needles associated with it. I was diagnosed with PBC about 3 years ago and recently my bloods have shown a small rise inflammatory markers.


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  • I think you really should go see the gP and push somewhat for a decent answer. I have rheumatoid as well as PBC, and dont get complete paralasis.. very stiff in the mornings yes, and hard to walk around, but it eases after about half an hour. I also get very sore feet by the end of the day, sore skin almost cant rest them on the bed have to keep them raised of the matress with a couple of pillows. Sounds to me something quite different. Do go and have it check :)

  • Thank you my gp doesn't seem to listen I am just looking into finding one who can deal with chronic illness and pain. Last night was a bad one it felt like someone was taking a razor blade to my spine and was travelling right thru to my pelvis I'm so exhausted. :(

  • Ended up in emergency and they worked out that its si joint dysfunction. Thank you again :)

  • Yes my lower legs are numb on getting out of bed in the mornings. This began last year, and I also lose my balance especially on leaning forwards as my toes have lost a lot of feeling. I have C.R.e.s.t. And PVC. I am afraid you can expect a lot of strange and disconcerting things with these problems. allow yourself time to adjust. I do know how scary your symptom is. Stay with us on this site. the info and support here is invaluable. Wishing you all the best.

  • Thank you it's nice to know u aren't alone going thu the same things :)

  • Lol, Ii mean PBC of course.

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