Anyone out there ever experienced BRIGHT YELLOW stool with PBC? ( I know a lil gross)

I've had bright yellow stool for almost two months now. Its constant, at least 5 times a day. ( I had a subtotal colectomy so I have alot of movements). I was just curious if anyone else with PBC experienced light color stools, such as yellow? From what I've read its because of the lack of bile salt in the intestine, from the blockage inside the lover bile ducts.

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  • Yes, mine starts with abdominal cramping, a few seconds to get to the bathroom and then the brighest yellow stool passes. I have to be careful if I eat out because this can hit suddenly. I can have no stools a day or 3 to 4 a day. Haven't figured out why this happens and why sometimes it doesnt. Have Dr appt's next week and will be bringing it up to them. I will be seeing my GI Dr. and my liver specialist. Maybe one of them will have the answer. I have had this for about 2 months also. I know exactly how you feel. So glad you posted this.

  • I have had this since Jan. 2011. The only difference is for me the "stool" is like water. Makes it so I don't want to eat sometimes and I find this keeps me at home alot.

  • Yes I am the same. went to see my consultant 2 weeks ago and she has done some test to find out why I have these light coloured stools. I have to be very careful what I eat..when I CAN actually eat, and I have this up to 4 times per day....never went to the loo so much before diagnosis.. I also get the abdominal cramp, gas and discomfort. I am sure it is to do with the bile salt thing as well...I am on urso though, which is supposed to help.

    I find I am much worse after eating anything with gluten in it for example pasta or bread..but I am not celiac I have been tested....i like you are very confused about this...will wait to see what consultant says in 2 weeks.


  • Wow thanks guys this is good to know! Ive never in had yellow stool until two months ago. I knew it had to have something to do with the liver disease because it started at the EXACT time that my liver enzymes started going up

  • I think bile is what causes our stool to be of color, and if it is blocked it will be pale, or yellow. This happened to me last summer. The strange thing is if bile is being backed up in the ducks why did I just start itching this Jan? My bile numbers, in the labs have remained the same. I have had to stop the Cholestyramine because of constipation, which I have never had. I too have the low abdomial pain.


  • Yeah supposedly the yellow stool is from blockage, but my ALP is only 100?!? I wouldnt think id have yellow stool everyday for almoat two months now and only have a ALP of 100! Shit it seems like it should be 400 or something.

  • My ALP was as high as 600 and this did not occur. My ALP is 170 now and this is what is happening. Doesnt make sense to me!!

  • Hi.

    I was diagnosed with Bile Salt Absorption several years ago following a similar sounding symptom. What I was told was that after I had had my gall bladder out the bile was going straight into the intestines and causing the problems. I would get about 2 minutes warning I needed the toilet , it was very runny and very yellow (sorry for the grossness). It was blood tests to determine the cause of this that lead to the diagnosis of PBC. I was prescribed Questran for the problem and it made a world of difference. I take one sachet a day, but should I miss a dose, I know about it!

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