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The pain is back any tips / advise that may help me?

Been on urso for almost 3 years and have managed OK i suppose. Was diagnosed recently with Giant Cell Arteritis and put on high dose steroids, these have affected my breathing and kidney's......I then started getting intense pain which my GP put down to the steroids, well I have had a few attacks this week and two bad ones todays. Looked back to when before having PBC and the type and location of pain, I now know it's the bile not the steroids making me feel ill. So my question is this and sorry my post is long.......

does anyone have any tips what to avoid or what helps relief the pain on an attack?

I have been drinking milk which seems to help.

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A HOT hot water bottle always helps me-hope it does the same for you!!


Thanks Pandemonium I am using heat pads during the day, seeing doc tomorrow as I do not think we should be left to try and control the pain ourselves. I think there is something they can do but don't offer it.


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