I have constant dryness of the mouth, and constant tingling and burning of my lips. This is horrendous and is driving me to despair? HELP

The constant dryness in my mouth and tingling and burning sensation which is worse on my lips is horrendous. It is making me feel like I do not want to live.This is the most annoying condition I have had to do with PBC, although the itching in my head has now stopped. The doctor has put me on a low dosage of anti-depressants to try and calm the nerve endings down, but I am at the end of my tether. It has made me feel like ending it all as I cannot carry on like this. Has anyone else had this and what have you taken? Or would there be any foods that you would recommend to avoid. I am aware now that I need to eat various foods, but would like to know what's best.

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  • hi susanburgess.im sorry to hear of your problems.i hope they settle soon.i bought a book(used) of amazon called liver cleaning diet by dr cabot.while i dont follow it word for word its made me reevaluate my already good diet to an even better one which has made me feel better.i hope this helps.take care and keep strong.x

  • Thank you for the information I have sent for this book today.

  • Hi I too had/have the the tingling and burning in my lips/mouth and hands and feet. The neurologist put me on Trazodone which certainly calmed it all down.

  • Glad that helps. I will ask my dr.

  • I have been on ursofalk for 8 years and I have been alright no problems.

  • Hi constant dryness could be sjorens disease have you spoken to drs

    I have dry mouth especially in the morning and I have put it down to bp tablets

    It could be one of your meds causing this also

    Hope you find some relief soon xxxxx

  • I get the same burning and have now been diagnosed as sjogrens syndrome secondary to pbcyou will just have to be careful what you eat. I avoid any spicy foods even tomato ketchup is too strong for me. Also oranges and oats make me bad.any pickles just have plain things :-(

  • Hi, I have the dry mouth and it used to wake me up what seemed like every hour through the night, then my Dentist gave me a sample tube of biotene gel, WOW with this I now get a whole nights sleep and it helps throughout the day. You can get it in BootsSharon

  • I never wake up with this problem I am changing my diet as I think this causes the problem in the day time. I think we have to look at what we eat and start to eliminate certain things my daughter has told me that what grows in the ground what flies and what walks on the ground is what you can eat. I hope this might help I assume you have the same condition as I have pbc

  • Hi I have pbc and sjogrens which the docs, dentists and the opticians can give you drops for, depending on where you are affected. My dentist also advised me to use sodium, laurel sulphate free toothpaste which also helped. I also have coeliac (another of the autoimmune lot) and I interestingly get the tingling in my mouth and lips when I have been accidently glutened. If you have any other health problems it might be worth getting tested as it is now just a simple bood test. good luck .

  • take a look at your meds; amytriptaline is known for causing dry mouth. since I stopped its been loads better

  • Amitryptaline ( sorry) not sure of spelling, is known for causing dry mouth. Don't waste ur money buying products, get a script off doc; "biotene" is good, well it works for me! but since stopping amitriptaline its loads better

  • Hey Susan, I understand your problem with your dry mouth and lips tingling . Please don't give up. All the symptoms come and go. The itching has stopped for me but the tingling and numbness is bad too. I am going to use b12 vitamins. Ordered them and they will be here tomorrow. I'll let your know if they help. I am so lazy lately. Just want to rest.

  • I chew gum sugar free for the dry mouth. My doctor gave me Amitriptyline for the tingling and burning sensation

  • Hi susan, I live just south of Clare in Belchamp st paul I believe we are close to one another


  • I live in Newmarket only lived there for six years.

  • How are you doing with your pbc? I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago. My main symptoms are joint and muscle aches and tiredness.

  • Susan...I have had this ex act problem and my lips are burning really bad right now. Lemon, anything with salt. They really make my lips burn. I put salve on them. It usually lasts a few days but you're right it is horrible.

    I hope you get some relief!!


  • I chew gum when my mouth gets dry and the doctor gave me xylocaine spray to put on my lips I spray a little on my finger then put in on my lips the lips stay numb for a little while hope this helps.

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