Pain in the back

Does anybody suffer with a very achy back ? in between the shoulder blades. Mine is always aching some days more than others. I was only diagnosed this last week and after reading about the symptons I dont get the itchy skin but I have started to get tired. It seems to come on me all of a sudden during the day. But then again I do tend to wake up in the middle of the night with hot sweats ( I was putting that down to the menopause ) Like I said I am new to this site and pbc I guess I have a lot to take in and learn. I also notice that there arent any support groups around the Merseyside area.

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  • Hi yes I do and around the ribs as well. I have physio for it when it gets really bad that helps. In fact Im sure physio would keep it at bay but it is out of my price range to have it regularly.

    Alot of people with PBC get shoulder pain so Ive assumed it is an extension of that.

    Hope that helps

    Good Luck

  • YES!!! Mine has been bad for about a month now,I also get pain in my rib cage especially when I breathe in deeply. It's such a horrible ache worse when I have been doing things especially chopping veg etc. I also find it very difficult to get comfy at night due to the pain.

  • I don't get pain between my shoulder blades but I do get itchy there at night time. I also get terrible pains in my shoulders. Take care

  • Yes, it hurts to turn my head at times, hurts when washing dishes etc. Only thing that helps is to sit down and use heating pad. Ditto to Singsing.

  • Yes I have rather aching between my shoulder blades and my shoulders themselves are very bad at the moment, really bad when extending my arms in certain positions. Though it was arthritis. Sitting here at the moment with heat worm on my shoulders. Oh my -

    hate to think I have this for the rest of my life uck!

  • Yes! Even in the 90's before my diagnosis, I complained of pain between my shoulder blades. They did the scan for gall bladder problem and it was fine. Then in 2003, after the diagnosis, I was having the pain, and after asking the the GI dr. what it could be, he said he didn't know.

  • I used to get a deep ache in the mid back area, but this has disappeared since I started on Urso. I do get a stiff neck on the left side and thought I might be sleepy in an awkward position, now after reading what has been said, I think it might be from the PBC. Have a wonderful pain free weekend friends. Judi

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