Home from hospital

I think its fair to say i under estimated how i would feel following surgery, thought I would be in and out of hospial and back to normal straight away. Ive had gall bladder removed and a liver biopsy for the PBC. Had key hole so ive got four cuts in my stomach and I will have to be patient in allowing them to heal because they are so sore! With this kind of surgery comes shoulder and back pain and im taking cocodimol to try and keep it at bay. I dont have much of an appetite so ensure drinks are helping as they have 300 calories in each drink and ive got 10 to get through as im 6 stone 10 and disappearing!

This is all very new to me as I am so active normally, feels strange to be lying in bed on a Friday afternoon !! I hope to get back to normal quickly before boredom sets in as well as that ive got school xmas concerts to go to, xmas to organise and a job to go back to !! This is so frustrating .....

I get liver biopsy results in 2 weeks i suppose out of all of this pain that might be the hardest bit ! It will be interesting to see what symptoms i am left with now gall bladder has been removed because I was never sure whether it was the pbc or the gall stones that was making me feel poorly. Watch this space ......

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  • get well soon take care thinking of you

  • Glad its all over aye!! Taking it easy now will ensure you recover quickly. So give yourself time to heal then you'll be well enough to enjoy xmas celebrations and get back to work.

    Get well soon and Best wishes

  • Take care of yourself and get well, please keep us posted.

  • I do know it is easier said than done, but, try to relax and enjoy the rest (haha). I hope you are well soon. Take care.

  • Rest up and feel better soon x

  • Take it easy and just listen to your body. X

  • Hope you get well soon xx

  • Look after number one and take it easy, hope you are feeling better soon xxx

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