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Packing Hospital Bag!

Hi. I was diagnosed with PBC in September following a positive AMA result, despite the shock it was kind of a relief after all the worry about what could be wrong with me. I get mostly good days and a few bad days when my digestive system plays up and my bones hurt, that copled with tiredness and stomach pain which my consultant thinks may be linked to crohns disease (await test results on that one!).

Im going into hospital on Wednesday for three things, gall bladder removal, liver biopsy and a cholangiogram which i believe is investigation of the bile ducts via an x ray. I am a little bit apprehensive but kind of looking forward to it because i am hoping the end result will make me feel much better. Only time will tell, wish me luck .......

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Hi Hannah1973 good luck with everything I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery Yale care and look after yourself xx Wendy


Good luck and best wishes for wednesday and for a speedy recovery

Cheryl xx


Good luck and hope everything is good news for you get well soon love karenlesley xxx


good luck chick best wishes debg xx


Hi Hannah,

Hope all goes well on Wednesday. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Mel x


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