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Hello, was wondering if anyone has Milton Keynes as their hospital, they forgot me when my pain started and I had to get in contact with them and they rushed me in because of my high level results and I had my gall bladder removed but was rushed back in within weeks and they diagnosed pbc, started urso in July and was meant to be on it for 3 months to see how I was getting on with it and they were going to send me another appointment but looks like the same problem as I haven't heard from them since, has anyone else had this from them and have you found a better hospital? Thank you ;-)

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  • I moved from Milton Keynes last year and have changed hospitals but I had 16 years of excellent care there. But if I didn't get an appointment sent for when I was due I would telephone the booking line and get it organised. That always worked. I was with Dr Lanzon Miller but he is retiring but he may be still there 1 day a week. Ask for an appointment with him, he is very good and I was sorry to leave him. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you it helps lots, I just seem to keep chasing them.

  • Hi, I have been under Milton Keynes gastro for 6 years now. And I have had to chase them twice in the last couple of years. The excuse was that my records had been filed wrong. I have now asked for a referral to Birmingham heptologist and have an appointment in march. There is a support group for PBC in Towcester run by 2 lovely ladies called Margaret and Mary.

    If you contact the PBC foundation they will give you there contact numbers.

    We usually meet a couple of times a year. You would be most welcome to come to the next meeting.

  • Thank you very much, would be lovely to meet up with people who know what we are going through as to everyone else it's an invisible illness ;-)

  • Hi, just thought I would let you know that the next Pbc support meeting in Towcester is going to be 1st April. If you would like to attend please email Margaret on and she will let you know the details.

    Hope to see you there.

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