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Helicobacter Pylori - are there many PBCers diagnosed with this too?

Some studies associated several autoimmune conditions (among which rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's, autoimmune thyroiditis) with the presence of H. pylori. Which, in its turn, is associated with a high degree of inflammatory activity in the body and a low level of antioxidant factors.

Anybody out there with PBC having this as well? Thank you.

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Hi Christina before I knew about the pbc I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia when they put a camera down doctors suspected h pylori but they tested me on two occasions both where negative hope this helps Wendy x


I have had the H Pylori infection definitely once and possibly twice. Noone has ever mentioned a connection between H Pylori and PBC. Then again only a very small number of medics that I have met know what PBC is!

I know that H pylori is a very common bacteria and that it becomes a problem for a relatively small percentage of the people who carry it.


Hi there, I was treated for it once too, had to take two different antibiotics at the same time. Not been tested since,



Yes I have been treated for H Pylori, about 5 years ago I think.




Hi Christina,

I am currently being tested for AMA as all my lft and u/s results are pointing towards PBC though I thought I would add and yest I had H Pylori 6 years ago.


Hi you all!

I have also had the H Pylori at least twice! Now I am wondering did I check at the first time that they got it off... !#?¤:(!!!!


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