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Pain in right side.

I was diagnosed with PBC September 2011, but my symptoms have increased over the last year. I have previously been diagnosed with ostearthritis, right hip at 30, neck 2010, now 42. Always had middle cycle pain, with pain always on right side, thought it was all hormonal issues. Since my PBC was dignosed, for the last 10 months or so, the pain in my right side is continuous, make worse by drinking even water, walking, moving you get my point! It's a dull throbbing pain, peppered by sharp excruciating sort of stabbing pain. Also, bloating, which comes and gos at well.At the medical with ATSO, the doctor noted that my liver was swollen, which was in March. My digestion system, is got to shot. I studied nutrition, so I know drinking water, fluilds are important, also eating well, etc, still feel envy when i empty the cat's litter tray! Due to the arthritis in my neck have been given painkillers, which do not help, with the pain in my right side. Also, my teeth and feet ache, always together(strange one I know, has anyone else had this?). The chronic fatigue, joint and bone pain are bad, in themselves, but the pain in the right side is getting worse, and affecting eating, sleeping, everyday life, more and more.

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HAve you read the PBC Foundation's Compendium about PBC? There are some useful tips in case of right side pain.

Have you tried putting something warm on that part when the pain kicks in?

Good luck.


Hi Cristina, yes my hot water bottle is my best friend at the moment-always by my side :), not sure i've read compendium by pbc foundation, but will look it up, thanks for infor, x


Have you been in touch with the PBCF?

Write to info@pbcfoundation.org.uk, they will send you the Compendium and also some editions of the Bear Facts, the quarterly magazine of the Foundation.

Don't know if you are familiar with this concept, but there are various poultice methods against liver pain, said to help. As it is not internal, but just something you apply on the skin (+warmth), you might want to get more information about this and maybe try it out. I know about clay and potato (raw, mashed).


Hi, yes I know what you mean got the info pack from the foundation, will have a good look at it later, got some heat cream, will rub that in area, not heard about clay/potato, but willing to try anything, thanks again,x


Hello merrill.

Just a thought, when did you start urso? I had shoulder pain in 2008 but put down to being in manual work. It did vanish and then come back again and I started with the itch early 2010, diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010.

Now for me the shoulder pain did diminish after a period on urso. I have found that the 2nd yr of urso has felt better than the first for me so maybe you could feel a difference with more passing time.

Have you tried eating little and often at all. Or another thought, could one of the meds you are on be adding to it further?


Hi peridot, not on urso, GP and I have briefly talked about urso, when i was discharged from consultant, going to talk again within the next few weeks I hope to start. Only taking painkillers for artrititis, and vitamin d, for joints/bones etc. Hope like you things improve over time, thanks peridot, x


One thing it's very important to remember Merill is that not all symptoms belong to PBC. Many people including doctors often think that the symptoms are PBC related.

I have other conditions and it is hard sometimes to sort out what is part of PBC and what is not, but i would say Pain is a warning, if you are having this much pain see a doctor, as it might be something totally unrelated and something totally treatable. x


hi again eajsww, that is one of the things concerning me, as I have other conditions, is it part of this or that? Very easy, I think to put everything down to pbc, for many years blamed hormones, than with joint pain, getting older, etc. Now, its pbc fault!! Going to GP in a few weeks, hopefully (everything crossed) we'll work it out, thanks again, x



Yes I agree with EAJSWW that certain things aren't actually down to PBC.

There are symptons that one can have with PBC but not everyone has the same, some don't have any who are fortunate. For me all I have currently is actually itching at night. Yes I do have the occasional shoulder gripe but I'd not say it is a pain that actually makes me sit up and really take note. I thought it was due to manual work I had done for yrs prior to feeling this shoulder ache or maybe a touch of arthritis. Yes I did see a doctor in 2008 and he thought at the time perhaps it was down to my job (4hrs of running about daily lifting and carrying) and said to go back if didn't settle. Of course it did so I didn't think about it. Was only after PBC diagnose did I wonder but as I've mentioned I have no problem as such.

I think it is probably a bit different if one states that they have 'other conditions' as that can bring a whole set of other symptons with it.


hugs, i am lucky have a good gastro.... he often sits down and tells me he has to work out what is PBC and what is related to my other issues. He also is happy to refer me to other specialities for them to sort out other symptoms. I think all we can do is keep pushing, we will get there in the end.


Just to add, that's why it can be dangerous just to look up symptoms on the internet or rely on homely remedies etc as when we have multiple diseases, one symptom can mean something totally different than if we just have PBC. Anything that is worrysome must be run by the doctor :)


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