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Any ideas about usage of Borax?

I occasionally pick up a library book that looks interesting and read chunks of it. The subjects do vary but I was in a charity shop yesterday, picked up this book called "The Cure for all Diseases" that apparently has 'many exclusive case histories'. Liver was covered in the book so for a couple pounds (I'm in England) I decided I would buy and read a bit more at home.

I have read snippets whilst doing other things (making tea last night whilst watching pans) and earlier this morning over breakfast (I am fortunate that I have some quite new invention, a 'book seat' to put my book on so it's 'hands free'!) and I'm puzzled with some of the things mentioned but don't seem to think this book is wholly convincing from what I have read so far.

There was a mention of Borax and using it for household cleaning, laundry and also you can use it as a shampoo and hand and face wash as it is apparently classed as not being hepatoxic (if used correctly I reckon that is).

The only thing I know about Borax is that when I was young and there was a bakehouse at the corner of the street which was attached to the row of houses I lived in it was open to insect and mice infestations of which we did have until the bakehouse eventually closed up. My parents used to mix sugar with Borax and leave out for the cockroaches.

Obviously as I gather Borax isn't for ingestion but I wondered if anyone on here knew if it was any use for the itching we get in PBC? I have read on here short time ago that someone uses Bicarb of soda which I do use for cleaning and occasional baking but I've never used that in the bath as such. I have used Epsom Salts that someone else mentioned but have to say for me, can't say it made much of a difference.

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