Anyone at some point in their life had their appendix removed?

I have read on a health site (Boots) where people can contribute with their experiences that one contributor has mentioned she had her appendix out prior to PBC which was diagnosed at a later date.

Just wondered as the day before my 13th birthday (a date I cannot forget!) I had my appendix removed and wondered if maybe a connection. Perhaps not but interested now.

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  • I had my appendix removed aged 13 also..mine burst and I was quite poorly..all I know is my mum was very worried about me at the time.....


  • I'm the same as conniefused aged 13 burst appendix, very poorly, had drain inserted to drain the wound. Strange. The similarities of various conditions is remarkable.

  • I had mine out too! But I was the ripe old age of 25. Mine didn't burst but was really close to bursting. So much so my scarring is evidently horrendous.

    Hmmm! Now this really makes me wonder if there is def a connection. Might mention it to my specialist when I see him in a week.

  • I had my appendix removed when I was 26. It too was really close to bursting! It had grumbled a few years previously so when it started again (when my daughter was 8 months (apparantly endometriosis was detected - which I was not told about - went on to have hysterectomy 5 years later due to symptoms of endometriosis) they decided to remove it. Just as well because a couple of months later I fell pregnant with my son. Timing was perfect. Mmmmmm interesting. Again I wonder if hormones play a part or it could just be co-incidential.. x

  • Hi all, I had my appendix removed when I was five years old in an emergency operation, interesting.......

  • I had mine removed much later at 37. I had tonsils out at 5, I read somewhere that there was a link between tonsillectomy and PBC.

  • I had mine removed aged 30 and tonsils out at 7!!

  • I still have my appendix and my tonsils. The only surgery I have had is removal of the gallbladder.

  • I have not had anything removed...... Hoping it stays that way :)

  • I have not had anything removed...... Hoping it stays that way :)

  • I still have my tonsils and appendix, the only surgery I have had (20 years ago) is a hysterectomy and i have never been right or well since I had it, when I first got ill this time ( undiagnosed PBC ) they told me I had lymphoma, they operated and said a miracle had happened and it had gone but they had removed one of my ovaries, now that was news to me as I didn't have one.

  • Only thing I have had removed is a fibrotic tube! This thing is such a mystery!! x

  • Still have all my organs, and still have PCB ! :( its good to keep thinking and asking the questions. one day there will be a link and connection to something for this puzzling disease.

  • Have my appendix but had tonsils removed at 5, in those days they removed tonsils in children about the first time they sneezed. Everyone I know, who is my age, are missing their tonsils.

    "You say your foot hurts, well, we better remove those tonsils!"

  • LOL!!! You are soooo right! LOL

  • Hi All, my appendix was removed at age 32. I was having surgery to remove my first ovary, which had 2 cysts inside and 2 on the outside but they discovered I had appendicitis and this was the cause of all my pain. 5 yrs later I had a hysterectomy and 5 yrs after that the other ovary removed.


  • Thanks for all the replies, yes dizee it is good to keep wondering how the hell we all got PBC!!

    I now wonder if it was due to us all having something taken away????

    My appendix too were in a bad way at removal Helmary and conniefused, I too had a drain put in.

    Unlike some on here, I never suffered with tonsillitis as a kid but do know of a lot who were in school with me who had tonsillectomies. There must have been changed during the 1990s as my son used to have swollen tonsils often when growing up but it was never suggested and have to say he's been fine since becoming an adult.

  • hi all i had mine removed in my early 30"s they burst, never had health prolbems in my life, not even a flu, ever, i was never quiet the same after and said it regular, i was in hospital for 9 days, very sick for a good while after aswell

  • Hello Annflanagan and thanks for another reply.

    I too never had any health problems prior to starting with the itch in 2010 and then being diagnosed with PBC just before the end of it.

    Can't say it had much clout not seeing doctors in surgery over the yrs tho', I've probably got 'neurotic patient' written across my notes now because I have to nag to get print out of the bloods these days!

  • Hi i had mine removed as an emergency a 3 years ago aged 50 also had mumps the year before that i am wondering if this is when my pbc started i was diganoised a few months ago. :)

  • Although I still have my appendix, I did go into hospital twice for suspected appendix around 12 - 13 years old. For a while they thought it was grumbling appendix but still have them today..... will mention to consultant though :-)

  • I had that too Lindilou, had tests done at age 10. They discounted appendix but was actually referred to a liver specialist then, but nothing further was found ... Mad? I am just diagnosed with pbc this month, following 3 weeks in hospital with jaundice. (2 weeks of tests, blood transfusion, iron transfusions, vitamins etc & 1 starting treatment with steroids/monitoring).

  • Well, as Love My Liver said, they used to take the tonsils out for a sneeze - more or less. -:). I had mine out at age 6 and then at age 32 or 33 had my appendix out after a partial rupture. Also have had hysterectomy, back surgery, masectomy and getting ready for gall bladder surgery next week! Once it goes it ALL goes. LOL I would love to be able to blame all this on PBC.! -:)

  • Tumbleweed41,

    Best of luck with your upcoming surgery, wishing you a speedy recovery!

    Take care.....

  • Thank you LML. -:) Somewhere on here I said that by the time that I get "Home" the good Lord isn't going to know me - I'm going to be missing a lot of 'parts'. LOL But ohhhh for that glorified body. WhooHoo!-:)

  • I am just recently diagnosed (thank you all btw, this is a great help) I was fascinated to read that a tonsillectomy was a risk factor... Very random, I thought, but then reading through this post I was reminded how common it was in the 70s. So obv a lot of people over 40 now have that in common.

  • I have never had anything removed yet thankfully but I did have two very bad bouts of tonsilitis following a very traumatic time in my life and soon after took the symptoms which finally a year later lead to my diagnosis of pbc. I always felt this is what triggered my pbc which given the recent findings that particular genes have been identified in people with pbc makes sense in that stress, viruses or infections have in past been attributed to causing pbc It may be in my humble opinion more likely that these things are merely the cataysts that hit the gene/s that cause the disease. I hope there are some really brainy scientists reading all these comments and can find the cure without us possibly having to have liver transplants!

  • Hi, I had my appendix removed when I was 9 years old in 1957. There maybe a connection to PBC.


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