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Is Arthitis part of pbc?

The joints in both my index fingers are very painful and stiff and it is becoming a problem at work. I once asked the specialist a couple of years ago but he said not. I also have a bad shoulder which I had a steroid injection for last year but now is as bad as ever. sometimes it hurts down my arm in different places and I get alot of pins and needles in my shoulder blade. I'm going for blood tests next week so I hope I can get something to help. At the moment I feel ninety :o(

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Hello sophie9. I used to have problems with pain in my shoulder but that was due to a frozen shoulder. It came back 3 times within the space of about 18mts and i was given steroid injections twice, after the 3rd time it came back my rheumatologist sent me for an x-ray and refered me to go for surgery to scrape away the bone to loosen the shoulder joint but when the x-ray results came back it showed i had arthritis. A frozen shoulder does cause pain in different parts of the arm. The surgeon decided to remove the shoulder joint which has made a hugh difference because i shouldnt get anymore trouble with it. I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis about 4yrs ago which at that point was only in my knees and the base of my left thumb. I am now back under care of the rheumatologist again as the pain has spread more in my hands and feet, he told me ive now got the osteoarthritis in my toes and also diagnosed me with planter fasciitis and metatartsalgia in my feet. I take Zapain for my pain but sometimes it just eases it slightly. Have you had your shoulder x-rayed? If not you should ask to have one done. Unfortunately with PBC they do say it can cause more pain in the joints and muscles. I know what you mean when you say you feel about 90 as i do myself alot of the time, so take care and good luck on your blood test.


I dont know that I can help with an answer Sophie9, but I had physio for a "frozen shoulder" about a year before I was diagnosed with PBC, it still locks now from time to time, and causes me terrible pain............good luck I hope you get it resolved, the pain is so debilitating, it can really take it out of you.

Let us all know how you are doing wont you?



Hi Sophie I have arthritis like symptoms in my neck and shoulders, hands and wrists, feet and ankles, knees and elbows. I also have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I have been seeing a rheumatologist for over 3 years and all tests have come back negative. It was the terrible pain in my shoulder that eventually led to my diagnosis of PBC. To be honest the rheumatologist has been pretty useless as he cant put a name to it. My doctor has decided to send me for a second opinion as my feet have collapsed and all the soft tissue has disappeared on the bottom of my feet and the same is happening in my hands. I have also been referred to orthopedics to try and find out exactly what has happened to my feet and if anything can be done about it. My GP has referred me to a neurologist as well in the hope he can throw some light on what is happened to me, as it is the soft tissue and not the joints that are damaged. I feel pretty mad about it as all those times I saw a rheumatologist he assured me nothing was wrong and it was just a bit of pain from wear and tear as we all get older, (bearing in mind I was only 46 when I started to see him).

Your GP should refer you to rheumatology if you have arthritic symptoms I only hope you have more luck than I did, but please dont just live with the discomfort as certainly in my case it has lead to quite serious damage.

As to whether it is part of PBC Im not sure, but this sort of thing is common in autoimmune conditions according to my GP. (incidently she is furious with rheumatology and was the one who suggested a second opinion).

Good Luck and I will post if I get any answers.


I have pain in my shoulder joints that they say is frozen shoulders and I have now had it for almost 5 years, I have pain and swelling in my feet, toes, ankles, wrists, hands and fingers, and pain in most of my other joints, I also have oseoporosis and have been to a rhumatologist who was about as much use as a wet blanket and just out of nappies, I have now obtained a copy of my medical records and the report from the rhumatologist reads like a made up story from someone else's records, there are things in it that I am supposed to have said to him that I 100% didn't and he also said he had a consultation with my husband, he chatted to him but that was all. I do hope you have better luck than I am having here in the wilds of Wales.

XXX Linda


I have pain in my neck, fingers and now my feet, but no swelling, just pain. I cannot walk first thing in the morning as the pain in my feet is unbearable and only eases when i've limped around for about 15 minuts. No one seems to have any answers, my Doctor just sends me for more blood tests which always come back negative.



The pain in your feet - is it more in your heels and mostly in the morning? I had this pain and found out it was PLANTAR FASCITIS.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This tissue is called the plantar fascia. It connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot.

I did Heel stretching exercises and am now pain free. It's worth a try. Do a Google search to see what to do. Good Luck - let us know if it helps.


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