Dizziness after travel

Does anyone else experience severs dizziness following travel by boat, train or plane? I am fine while actually travelling and never experience nausea even in very rough weather. However, a few hours after travel I feel extremely dizzy and feel that I am going to fall over. I can only look straight ahead and any head movement makes it worse. I am just wodering if this is due to any medication such as the urso or questran.

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  • Not had this problem before sorry. However, I can feel a wee bit dizzy if I move my head too quickly and my eyes can go a wee bit funny as well and make me feel a wee bit dosorientated. x

  • Hi JerseyChris

    I don't travel very far but I do get dizzy sometimes and light headed on a morning. Also I have terrible balance and feel like I'm falling over and my eyesight is quite bad on a morning but I always feel exhausted on a morning too. X

  • Thanks. I too really struggle with weakness after my shower etc and have to really force myself to get on with things. On the bad fatigue days I am wiped out competely and my balance is rubbish. But the dizziness after travel is different and really extreme. Dont know if it is PBC related I just though I would ask the question and am grateful for the response

  • I,ve been suffering from severe tiredness and dizzyness, i had some blood tests and i,ve been diagnosed with a very underactive thyroid gland, so it might be worth getting yours checked out (P.S happened when walking, travelling etc)

  • Every time we go on a cruise I am fine (I wear sea sick patch) on the ship however after I return home the rocking starts. It will last for a week to 10 days getting a bit better each day. Never considered it PBC related. Just thought it was part of the motion sickness.

    I do not get motion sick from planes, trains, or car.

  • Thanks very interesting. I will speak to my GP at my next visit.

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