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Pbc/aih elevated cholesterol


I hope that you’re all doing well.

Especially with the pandemic.

My question is if anyone in the groups with cholesterol starting to raise if they were able to get it down with out meds

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Hi Jenny

Unfortunately i haven't and been on statins for 7 years. Mine was very high at 11.7 and cutest statins weren't really doing much. My gastro sent me to specialist for it. He changed me for different statins and as far as i know it must ne under control. He also told me not to worry as it was caused by my liver disease not my diet/lifestyle.

Mine was so high 2years ago, I started statin and it immediately dropped to normal. Cholesterol is not related to diet so only drugs can control it

It was suspected high cholesterol that sent me to my GP and got me diagnosed with PBC. My cholesterol was 19 then (end of Dec), I don't think it has been checked since and I haven't been given any medicine for it.

I was not able to get my cholesterol down with diet. I started statins 2 and 1/2 months ago.

My cholesterol was high long before PBC and I was on statins that’s kept it in a nice range. I’m still on statins. Hepatologist says very little risk if toxicity to my liver because my liver appears to functioning normally. I’m not reluctant to take them. My cholesterol is genetic and statin was the only way to bring it to normal. Good luck.

We also have to protect our cardiovascular system.

How do we do that

I was discussing statins with my hep last week. He feels it is important, for me or anyone with high cholesterol, to keep in mind that In taking statins we are also trying to prevent heart disease. His msg was “there are a lot more factors In treating elevated lipids (prospective cardiovascular risks), including LDL goals. I know for myself, I have no choice outside of a statin.

My good cholesterol is high but so is my LDL/bad cholesterol. My tryglycorydes was high but fish oil lowered back to normal range. My Dr is choosing not to put my on cholesterol meds at this time.

I’ve been told by my drs that if the hdl is high , it’s likely to offset the ldl. My aunt had high ldl but her hdl stayed around 80 so she didn’t have to take statins.

Same here; had the high cholesterol before the pbc. I stopped taking the statins for a while because I thought it was causing my lfts to be higher. After a while, my GI told me I should go back on it as it is safe. I recently had to go on a higher dosage because cardiologist wanted the ldl to be 100 or less. Have not gotten blood work since feb since upping meds since I am limiting being out. Even if you take meds, it is best to watch the diet as well.

Yes my cholesterol was high also 11.8 so dr. put me on statins it has dropped to around 5 now. Have been on statins meds for 4 yrs. I only weigh 9.5st so diet had nothing to do with cholesterol being high it's caused by my PBC

I've got high cholesterol but gp hasn't give me anythink, it's abit worrying, but then they said it was high but in the healthy range? Don't have a clue what that means🙈

Maybe your hdl is high enough it offsets the ldl.

The higher the hdl, the better.

My cholesterol is also elevated, my GP would not give me anything, state to risky?!.. my question is..is it safe to take cholesterol lower drugs if you have PBC.. and if so which one are your Dr ordering for you all. I have not talk to my hepatologist yet about it.🙄

My hepatologist says there is a very low risk of toxicity to the liver with statins. I took simvastatin a long time before diagnosed. Have recently been changed to Crestor 10 mg. My cholesterol had risen to high normal range. My internist did not want to increase simvastatin and said 10 mg Crestor would be best. My hep is in total agreement with me taking them. There have been studies in statins. I remember nothing negative about the reports. Your dr will be best to assess your risk for heart disease with no statins.

Thank you for your information. I feel better now, knowing that I should be able to take a statin drug... For cholesterol.. 👍 very helpful to talk to others. Thanks.

You’re welcome. 😊

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