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Hi everyone

Has anyone not taken ursal for their pbc and just eaten healthy and exercised.

Awaiting to see my consultant on wednesday.

But have been walking a few times a day. And trying to eat well.

The walking is with my dogs and it helps me to relax in my head.

Have a few family issues and it gets to me and work a lot of hours but if i stopped think i might colapse.

Awaiting for saturday to come so quick as im away with my friend for a few days.

Hope everyone else is ok x

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Hi looking forward to your results after your check up. Hope it's good news sounds a good regime. Are you any where near Huddersfield! Your name popped up when I looked for fellow sufferers in my area. We don't have any foundation meetings nearby so it would be good to meet anyone going through life with this s condition

janine541 in reply to Biddyb

Hi i am halifax that would be great to speak to people near

Biddyb in reply to janine541

Do you work? We could maybe meet one day for a coffee. I am in Halifax most weeks

janine541 in reply to Biddyb

I work full time but off thursday and saturday. Would be great.

Biddyb in reply to janine541

How about this Thursday it would be great to meet up. I have only ever met one other person with PBC. Are you seeing Dr Verma by any chance at Halifax?

Janine, I am a nutritional health coach and believe very strongly in natural cures. When I was diagnosed, I asked my doctor this same question. I did a fairly rigorous nutritional cleanse and followed a diet that was heavy in raw fruits and veggies, healthy fats and lean meats and seafood, and exercised regularly. My doctor followed me during this trial for 6 months, and I graphed my blood test results. The trend continued upward on exactly the same trajectory as before, and my ALP got to somewhere in the mid-500s. At that point, I started Urso as I learned that bile hanging around stuck in your liver causes secondary damage that can be as destructive or more than the bile duct damage.

Think of Urso like Drano for your bile ducts. It clears the clogged cholesterol and that keeps your liver healthier longer because there isn’t bile hanging around to burn it up.

At one point I got slack with the Urso and decided to stop for a bit to see whether, once the bile ducts were cleared, I could stop taking it. My ALP started to climb again.

Here’s the cool part about the healthy lifestyle: when I went on Urso I responded very quickly, and all my liver markers are now well within the normal range. My doctor told me I had responded faster than almost all of her patients. I have to believe the nutrition and exercise are the reason for that.

Feel good and be healthy!

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2bear in reply to Michi1

Hi thanx for the feedback. Any way to contact u e mail

Michi1 in reply to 2bear

Sure. It looks like we can send messages through this. I’ll shoot you my email address.

2bear in reply to Michi1

That would be great

Ottley3 in reply to Michi1

Great post! Inspiring. Thanks

I took URSO FOR VERY SHORT PERIOD TIME (2-3day), side effects for me are horrific.

Irisw in reply to SunnyXXOO

What are you now?

Hi Janine, I was an athlete before my diagnosis, on a healthy diet and running around 40 km a week. I got PBC anyway, so I don’t think that diet and exercise will help control it. My doctor does say that my lifestyle can help control the symptoms, though I’ve cut down on the running because of joint pain.

I use all integrative medicine, plus I walk everyday, eat healthy, I make a lot of chicken and beef bone broth with different medicinal mushrooms

(everything is organic (I think), I try to have bone broth everyday

I am doing well on intergrative Medicine, much better then Western. My labs are lower then they have been for a very long time. Dr Burt Berkson works hard to get to the root of the problem. No Western bandaids for me. I’m very tired of living with PBC, I will beat it! WATCH ME.

I’m in the medical field, have been for ever (that’s all I know, I grew up in the hospital environment). My Liver Specialist is Director of Liver Transplant Dept, he fantastic, he’s pretty happy with my improvement, even though he can’t make any suggestions or comments regarding Integrative Medicine the Docs and are excited and curious of the outcome. I work with these guys (physicians) almost everyday


Pls post your status updates every now & then. Would be interested in how your approach helps. Thx.

I have appointment with Burt Berkson, Las Cruses, New Mexico Oct 4th, I will keep everyone informed.

Burt will be treating me for 1 month, we’ll see.

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