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Risks from Corvid19


Does PBC put us more at risk from the Corvid19 . Also is URSO an immunosuppressant.

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Hi phillippastcarin,

Urso is not an immunesupressant .

Cant answer the rest of question ,sorry

Angela x

If you scroll down and look at Purdy2017 she has 15 replies basically to the same question or take a look at the information being published by the PBC Foundation, if you are not a member it is free to subscribe. The also have a presence on Facebook which updates regularly. I suspect they also publish on Twitter but I do not use that so do not know. pbcfoundation.org.uk/news/l...

Basically it depends on what stage you are with your PBC. If you are early stage and in relatively good health then you are at about the same risk as the rest of the population, if you have later stages i.e., cirrhosis or have had a transplant then your risk is greater. Whatever your situation it is good advice to stay at home if you can, if you must go out follow the government guidelines.

I spoke to gastro earlier this week. We have the same risks,as everyone else in the population for catching the virus. However if we do catch it we are at a slightly higher risk of it being more serious (but he did stress this is only very slightly). He recommended following all the guidelines about distancing etc. I work in a school which is still open so he recomended I work from home as kids are notorious for spreading disease. He said pbc is not on the list to be contacted by the NHS (UK) unless we have progressed to cirrhosis or taking immunosuppressants ( which urso, what I am on, is not). His final words were, "follow the guidelines, think about where you go if you do need to go out, don't have visitors unless necessary, sit in the sun in the garden if you can ( I have low vitamin d) and make sure you take your medication".

in reply to Rleo

Great advice, stay safe 😊x

Hi. I live in Iran and here started the corona virus epidemic earlier . I discussed it with my doctor and searched a lot (I’m also a health care worker). There is no extra risk for us unless advanced cirrhosis. Actually all advanced underlying disease are in risk, mostly for lung and kidney disease.

URSO is not an immune suppressing drug.

Stay positive and be quarantined. Do not stress because that can alter immune system badly

Also one of my colleague (66yo)who I know is in early stage cirrhosis was infected by virus. He also underwent CABG few years ago.

He is admitted in primary care unit and is recovering very well, just like normal population.

But another young female colleague (25 yo) without any underlying disease had been expired 1 months ago😭😭😭😭.

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