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Hi I'm Living in cork Ireland and was diagnosed with pbc in 2004 when I was 29. I'm now at stage 4 . Feeling relative healthy the usual symptoms of feeling tired and right pain under rib cage And enlarged spleen . Suprisenly enough my itching has just left. I won't complain it's a blessing. Anyway I would love to try and meet up / make contact with people with pbc there must be a few on here from the emerald isle. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks in advance

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Hi Lynda,

I'm afraid I'm not in Ireland, so can't help much.

However, if you don't get any replies from fellow-PBC folk nearer to home, I suggest you re-post your message on a weekday, as I have noticed that general traffic and responses on here is much less at weekends.

I do hope you get some responses, whether it's now or after a later try. And good luck with the PBC, you sound like you are adopting the right stress-free approach.

[NB I do love Ireland: we were in Donegal, just last October, for my partner's 60th - he always had holidays there as a child. Meanwhile, my late husband was an Irish folk musician - among other trips we spent our honeymoon at a folk festival just outside Sligo in '78].

Take care.


Hi Lynda. I am from Dublin. Living in Kilcock, Co Kildare now. Diagnosed 2012. Doing fine, time consuming with all the doc visits etc, monitoring etc. working full time :)


Hi Lynda

I live in Galway Dx with PBC in 2008. Funily enough I didn't know anybody else before now in this country with PBC. It would be great to compare notes!


Hi, I am in Dublin . I was diagnosed with PBC in 2008. Since diagnosis, I now have arthritis in hands, arms, neck. Osteoporosis was diagnosed last year too. Still have fatigue, pain and constant itching. 😞😞😞😞😞


Hi there I am from Fermanagh was diagnosed with PBC in 2002 but started with the main symptoms of it itch,joint pain and fatigue in 2001 for me the worst of these being the itch which sadly has always been a problem for me 24/7 to greater and lesser degrees, Have led a -pretty full life and worked part time ur until about 6wks ago when had to give up as was getting too much for me. Am currently waiting on a liver transplant and hoping the call will come soon. Keep yoursellf wellnourished exercised and above all keep a positive mental attitude and u will do just fine.x

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Hi Lynda I'm from Co Armagh. I was diagnosed with PBC about 4 yrs ago when I was 27. I'm currently taking ursodeoxycholic acid. Luckily I have no itch but do suffer from severe fatigue and joint pain.


Hi Lynda I am from N.Ireland am turning 45 next month was diagnosed with PBC in 2002 when I was 31 so just bit older than you at diagnosis. I have just had a liver transplant at end of June and so far so good am doin fab and have my month review this Fri. Hope some day soon to do a blog on my experience right up the present day so "watch this space!" Will try to keep in touch. Bfn. 😉

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