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Biopsy result time frame


Hi, quick question for those of you in the UK who have had a liver biopsy. How long did you wait for the results? I had my biopsy 3 weeks ago and enquired yesterday when my follow up appointment with the consultant would be only to be told my biopsy results are not yet available. I had a transjugular biopsy if that makes any difference.

I'm getting pretty anxious now after seeing the numbers 13.3 on my Fibroscan last week!

Thanks in advance! :-)

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Hi hope this helps, I had my biopsy in October 2012 and didn't get my result till march 2013. It was a long time but didn't think about it as I really thought nothing was going to be wrong. I wouldn't worry to much about fibroscan score as they can sometimes be variable. Mine as been 8.9, 10.4 , 13.5 then 16.3 and now gone down to 10.3 so go figure. Hope you get some results soon and we are here if you need us for a bit of support.


Had my biopsy around 10th November 2017 and got the results back from my consultant around the 20th December. I am sure my GI had the results earlier but he did tell me that a panel of specialists get together to analyse the results and discuss way forward.

Hope you aren't waiting too long.

Good luck


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I’ve actually got an appointment tomorrow afternoon now. I phoned early last week to be told there’s no sign of the results to receiving an appointment for today on the weekend. Panicking slightly as I think it’s a very quick appointment if results have only been available less than a week!

At least I’ll know tomorrow what’s what....

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