Thyroid Biopsy Tomorrow

Going for my thyroid biopsy tomorrow at 10 am. I haven't thought much about it in the past few weeks, but now that its tomorrow I'm a little nervous. Not so much about the procedure, because I know that it probably isn't as bad as my liver biopsy, but the results. I know this isn't really a post about PBC, but I am being tested for this because my gastro says I should due to the PBC.

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  • Hope all goes well for you tomorrow NotorDJP.

    I've never had a liver biopsy as I was diagnosed with PBC due to symptons, abnormal LFTs and GGT and high titre of AMAs back in 2010. Being in the UK that is the norm unless there is any doubt to a diagnosis. I've no desire to have one either and don't go in for the so-called staging of PBC from one.

    So in my case unless I had a problem, I have to say I'd not be having one for thyroid either.

  • Good luck, hope all goes well. 👍

  • Good that your gastro is thorough. Good luck a d hope all goes well.

  • Good luck. Had the liver one and it is nerve wrecking but we cope don't we? This will be a piece of cake and so precautionary so fingers crossed for you x

  • I also had the liver biopsy and know that it is not a walk in the park. But now that I know what stage I'm in I can take precautions and better know what to expect(DIagnostics). I have three friends who had a thyroid biopsy and besides the discomfort the first day all went well.

    Good luck...I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Good luck x

  • Good luck, but I'm sure it will go fine!

  • Hi I had thyroid biopsies performed every 3 month for a year about ten years ago due to a lump on my I had a fear of being operated on I chose this method until I finally plucked up courage to have lump(and half thyroid) didn't hurt just mildly uncomfortable and left me with what I could only do scribe as a 'love bite' on my neck for a few days.hope everything goes well for you

  • Just finished biopsy. They 99 percent sure one of the nodes is cancer. Slow moving kind. But still. Kind of in shock

  • Sounds like me a year ago. The Dr removed my thyroid. Cancer and gland gone. I'm on levothyroxine for life... But that's fine. Blood test every 3 months and medication dosage adjustments if needed. This has bin the first one that is level. So my dosage is good.

    It's ok to be in shock.... I am now about my PBC ... talk it out, cry if needed. It helps. And this place is great. Good luck. God Bless.

  • NotorDJP,

    Well not the news I expected. I'm sorry to hear that, but glad it's the slow moving kind. And I'm sure the prognosis will be good, however I know it's not what you wanted to hear. Bless your heart! Please keep us updated and I will keep you in my prayers!

  • Best wishes notordjp.keep positive.if you need a moan get in touch.sending you a huge hug x

  • Thanks everyone. Its been a roller coaster ride since Thursday. To be honest, I have been more upset about my kitty who was diagnosed with asthma. He is older and he just couldn't bounce back from his attacks and he passed this morning. I don't have any children and he was my baby. Its just gutted me. I'm fairly optimistic about the thyroid thing, even though its cancer, the cure rate is pretty good. I go to my doctor tomorrow and then will probably be set up with an endocrinologist for surgery. Surgery will tell how far along the disease is. Even if its moved to the lymph nodes the prognosis is about the same. Praying that this won't throw my liver into a spiral. Between the anathesia and possible radioactive iodine treatment, I'm more nervous about how this will effect my liver than I am about the cancer having spread throughout my body. I think its pretty early on with this, but I have no idea until they take it out.

  • I only had the surgery no iodine. It hadnt spread yet.

    My biggest issue was my scar. But now I do t even notice it.

    I am a huge pet person. My daughter is about to go to college for 7yr in the Vet program.

    I have a 20yr cat, 17yr cat 4yr cat 4 yr dog, rabbit and ferret.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I old man he has gotten frail and allergies are awful. Knowing he won't be with us much lo get is so hard. He is my first son.. lol

    My thoughts are with you

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