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gilbert syndrome & low white blood cells


hello everybody I took my daughter to the doctor for a regular blood test they informed me that her white cells were low 3500 and her bilirubin levels high 1.4

the blood test before the white cells was 1100 and her bilirubin was 1.3 do anybody know about gilbert syndrome now my daughter have to wait 3 months for another blood test

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Hi moc1313

I see you posted quite a while ago and no one has been able to drop in with a personal eperience. I see you are in the USA so have copied the link for the mayo clinic which gives a good explanation.

hope someone with a personal experience can drop in soon.

best wishes


I have a family member who has been diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome. He recognised that his unusual tiredness seemed like my PBC fatigue so he went to his GP and his blood tests showed Gilbert’s Syndrome.

The key things he’s found have helped are exercising regularly but not to over do things physically (noticing when he’s tired and stopping instead of keeping going), he also made some changes to his diet (reducing sugar and processed foods (fats) and increasing vitamin b12 foods).

Here’s a link to the UK GS Society:

Whilst I’m sorry your daughter has been diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome as any diagnosis is not pleasant, this does seems to be a very liveable with condition. I wish you both well, Cx

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