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White Bumps Under Eye lids?

Hello my fellow PBCers,

I have noticed for some time white bumps under my eye and above. I did read this is from liver disease? Should I be concerned?

Have my bLood test in March and ultrasound. They never really check anything else. Should I be asking for more testing?

I'm thinking about going private as our military dr is just covering the basics.

Advise please. I'm gone for the weekend off to friends house. Will check back when I can.

Thank you. X

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Hi Geordielasstx , I have these white fatty lumps too, when I asked my Dr, he advised that they were fatty deposits from colestral , which were a result of the pbc ! Mine were not the larger white ones, which are sometimes an indication of advanced pbc. Hope this helps.


I had a couple of these but had no reasonable input from my then GP. Eventually I worried at them until they popped out. Revolting! But gone. I wonder if it is possible to have yours professionally removed. Since being given ursofalk and statins the white lumps have not returned. I hope this helps and hope you have a good weekend.

best wishes


Hello butterflyEi

Has taking statins affected your blood results with regard to LFT readings? My cholesterol is high and a consultant at the hospital put me on low dose statins but it sent my LFT haywire, do I came off them. I try to watch my cholesterol by taking a plant stanol and watching my diet. Not always easy as I like all the wrong things!


Hi IOWgal.

I am not sure if there has been any change as I have not had bloods taken for about 4/5 years now. Life took one of those difficult turns and my then GP implied I was an alcoholic so I did not take proper control or care of myself as I really did not fully understand the situation. That was some 8/9 years ago. However circumstances change again and because of the stress some of the PBC symptoms worsened. I have an appointment for bloods to be taken on Monday.

Like you by the sounds of it I like all the wrong things and I certainly don't get enough exercise something else to address as life returns to some normality.

sorry not to have been of more help but if I get anything of any use I will get back in touch with you early March after the GP appointment.


Hello Geordielasstx.

Anyone without PBC can also get these little white fatty deposits that are cholesterol but seems that when we have PBC we are that bit more prone to them due to bile flow being compromised (as bile is needed to break down fats).

So far I've not got any.

I think if your doctor thinks your bloods are doing well then at this moment in time if you have nothing of a more critical nature that is due to PBC then you are probably in good hands.

From being diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010 I've been fortunte that so far all I have is the itch (did have fatigue during 2010 but that vanished at some point 2011, think due to not only urso but also attempting to make certain lifestyle changes). My doctor checks over my bloods and as long as they are looking good, that is all I have.

Know a lot disagree but I asked my hospital consultant back in Oct 2011 to discharge me. I had been going 12mths and been diagnosed for 10mths by then. My bloods had really improved on taking urso in that time and for what at the time I was attending for, I decided it was wasting my time due to it being over an hour's walk one way to the local hospital and the same back, then to be messed about on getting there...easier to just go to see my GP for now. The hospital doctor of course asked me why and I explained. He agreed saying that in future if needs be I would be referred back. That was over 3yrs ago now and I think I did go the right way there as so far I've been fine. I am almost 51 now, was 45 when I started to itch and not that far off my 47th birthday when I was informed I had PBC.

I did read on this site later last year that plans are in place for PBC patients to be just seen by their GP here in the UK (not sure of other countries) if they are stable at the time with PBC and only return to a hospital consultant if they start to encounter other health problems associated with PBC. I did email the person who was featured in the posting and she kindly replied to me with a bit more information.

I really don't think a doctor would do further testing unless it is routine to PBC (ie a scan every so often for eg or a bone scan if you reach a certain age or there's something maybe showing in the blood tests). I know under the NHS it just doesn't seem to work like that and besides certain tests for eg that you can have with PBC in the event a doctor thinks needed is something known as the ERCP, some of these tests like a biopsy can be that bit more invasive. I know for a fact I really don't want to know unless it is crucial.


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