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I am terrible for remembering to take my medication! It’s beside my bed with a bottle of water to take before bedtime. I try to take my 2 ursofalk at night, best time to take medication. So when I sleep it can go to work. I’ve NEVER been a pill-popper but now I have this medication to take for the rest of my life! Does anyone else have difficulty remembering to take medication!?

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You can download a free app to remind you:


Set a reminder on your phone. Put your pills in a pillbox too so you can easily see if you already took them, forgot, etc.

I put them in pill boxes sunday to saturday its easier to remember taking them if they are clearly labeled

I put my medications into pill boxes and keep them near the kettle so i don't forget.

I take one with every meal. Have to take 3 a day :)

I take 2 morning and night so put them beside my toothbrush 😊

Yes I forget. I have to take 4 on a full stomach so I eat my food and forget but it gives me an excuse to eat more 😁 (wonder why I’m struggling to lose weight 🤔)

I have a pill box with 4 different times a day so I can see if I taken them but I do forget anyway. My pbc medication is 2 twice a day but I have others I take with that and 2 other times... hate it.

I too am forgetting more often. I keep my pill box on my nightstand and have 2 alarms on my phone. One rings after breakfast and one after dinner. I had to put a couple of extra ones in a purse pill box because I have been caught out to dinner or breakfast with no meds when my alarm goes off. Good Luck!

I use dosette boxes but set alarms on my phone for three of them, but actually take different medications seven times a day.

I take 4 before I turn the light out, but I often have to get up and get a dry biscuit to make sure they go down!! Question - if you are sick and not eating, do you still have to take the Urso? Kandiepat

You should take the urso, but directions say take with food. So maybe a glass of milk/juice to go with it if you can’t eat solid food.

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AliceYZ in reply to kandiepat

My doctor told me to not worry about taking it the one day I was sick and unable to eat. It was only one day though. Any longer than that I would have to take it and hope it stayed down.

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