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Hi everyone... I was diagnosed with PBC In December last year , am on urso and all seems fine but started having really bad leg pain just above my ankle, saw a stand in gp who said it was tendinitis and gave me ibroprofen,,which I haven’t taken and told to rest it , but weeks on and it’s no better and the pain is keeping me awake, just wondering if anyone has suffered anything similar or if it is tendinitis? Or if it’s anything related to PBC .. thanks for listening 😊

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Hi, I don't understand this disease at all. I believe somehow it's all related. I was diagnosed with PBC 10/2016. 6 months later I developed joint pain everywhere. It got so bad I had to see a rheumatologist. I was diagnosed with seronegative RA and they put me on Sulfasalazine. Then about 3 months after that I had excruciating pain in my thumbs and wrists. I had to go back to my rheumatologist who diagnosed me with dequervain's tendonitis in both wrists. Ugh! I had to have physical therapy and wear splints on both wrists that were made/formed specifically for me. Thank goodness I have insurance. Anyway, it was very painful and although the Sulfasalazine helped tremendously with my RA, it wasn't doing a thing for the tendinitis. I couldn't do my normal housework, or very much anything without bumping my thumbs or wrists. So painful. I was told to ice my wrists twice a day and wear my splints even to bed. For 4 months I did this and slowly, gradually the tendinitis went away. It's like I never had it now. So strange.

Stella ❤

DX PBC 10/2016

DX RA 4/2017

DX Dequervains tendinitis 7/2017 has since gone away.


Thank you x


Hi jnuttall,

Such an awful disease this PBC - so hard to know whether all the various

symptoms and aches & pains relate to it or not. I was diagnosed with

PBC in 2014. Both my shoulder rotator cuffs started giving me a lot of pain

about 3 years ago and the diagnosis was Tendernitis. This is being treated

separately and I have regular quarterzone injections in the worst shoulder

and these help for about a month. As I understand tendernitis to be a form of arthritis,

which is an auto-immune disease, I'm assuming that all these self-attacking

diseases are linked. What do you think?

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just happened to me 2 weeks ago, doc said it was Achilles tendonitis. He ordered a brace to wear at night (check the internet you can get it cheeper) and prescribed prednisone. the pain was gone in 2 days.


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