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Taking anti inflammatories with pbc


Hi I wonder if anyone can let me know anything about taking anti inflammatories and the affects it may or may not have to someone with pbc. I have been prescribed Naproxen for a suspected strained muscle the pain is my righthand side ribs - the pain was so painful I couldn't move. I had my blood tested and have a slightly raised esr result. I have been given a two week supply and am just a bit weary of the affect on my liver - my gp isn't.  Any comments are very much appreciated.  Thanks. 

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I take naproxin all the time as I have another muscle condition. It's not every day just when I need it been on it for a few years it doesn't seem to be having any bad effects to my PBC & my GP is very PBC aware. Hope that helps. Xx

Tg10 in reply to teddybear7

Thank you very much for your reply it's is very much appreciated xx

I have been taking 900-1500 mg of Urso since diagnosed in 2005 and have been taking Naproxen 500 since 2006 when diagnosed with Sjogren's. Both my lover doc and Rheumatologist agree it is fine for me.

Tg10 in reply to kristieerhodes

Thank you for your response it is very much appreciated.

thank u ive been on Urso since 2002 with no problems ! i also have dry eyes and dry mouth but not bad at all ! been tested for RA and it came back negative,since i feel down the basement last June [tripped over the cat] and messed up the left meniscus ,been having joint pains mostlyin the am! both my shoulders hurt now i did tharapy and shots but... my liver doc recommanded i go see a rhumatologist so its my next step,also the c reactive protein was ok but the sed rate by modified westergren was high [89] so im wandering about that and PBC! i was doing great before my fall Ihave tendonitis in both arms now it comes and go [with the knees] I take Advil once in a while thanks im in the us

I take CELEBREX daily (for back/neck injuries from a car accident three years ago). The pharmacist said that would be fine. I can't take additional anti inflammatory (like Advil) if the back/neck pain is worse some days because I cant double up the anti inflammatory (but that's not due to PBC - just shouldn't' double up).

So on the days when the pain is worse, I take Tylenol to take the edge off. He said this is processed in the liver so it's not a great idea, but as long as I'm not taking it all of the time, once in awhile would be okay.

Bettyfinn in reply to Becca75

I've been told by my liver specialist that Tylenol is bad but Advil is ok.  Maybe you can switch?

Becca75 in reply to Bettyfinn

Hi - I can't because there is an anti-inflammatory in Advil- because I'm already taking Celebrex I can't take extra anti inflammatory 

Bettyfinn in reply to Bettyfinn

Sorry. You mentioned that. My bad 

cocotte5 in reply to Becca75

Tylenol is very bad for the liver! try ALEVE! good luck

Becca75 in reply to cocotte5

I can't ... I take Tylenol only when I absolutely need it ... I know it's bad for the liver but there isn't anything else I can take anyway

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