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I don’t know if any of you have had this happen but I’ve been on citalopram 10mg which is a low dose, had bloods after 2 weeks ALP went from 280 to 380

Was advised to repeat bloods in another 2 weeks and now they are 480

GP has advised me to stop them but they have just started to help with my anxiety and I’m scared it will come back, I know my priority should be my liver but I really am scared of feeling anxious again, he has suggested Mirtazapine just wondered if anyone else has had similar experience,

I’ve been off work again for 6 weeks with this and my fatigue is hit me like a truck, I don’t feel ready to go back yet and I’m getting anxious about work too, I feel like I need to have another week to get this sorted,

Look forward to any advice, I sound like a right moaner

Love roz xxx

Thanks so much

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I would be inclined to agree with your doctor thats a high reading


I have been on citalopram for many years with no ill effect. I have also been on mirtazapine but found this made me very sleepy and also increased my appetite. Think this is quite common on mirtazapine. I am about to start venlafaxine as the citalopram seems to have stopped working. Maybe this might be an option for you too.

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I had Sertraline (zoloft) which is another SSRI, it may be worth trying I didn't have any trouble with them not even the side effects.

When I came off those, I had a beta blocker prescribed for panic attack situations which I would take only when I felt it was needed. (propranolol).


Hi I've been on citalopram for years and I've had no trouble, hope you feel better soon


Hi @Rozm2004

I have been prescribed Sertraline to help me with my "itch" but I have found that it has helped my mood as well which has been very helpful in keeping me even in the face of problems with my siblings.

best wishes


Why don't you see if your doctor could put you on Xanax? I take 1.0 2x a day and it really works. so what if it's addictive. All this crap is addictive. Feeling anxiety is so horrible. Also have ordered for my iphone Deepok Chopra's 7 Days of Anxiety meditation. Or you can order it for your computer. I was a very cynical person about meditating but the more I do it, it really helps. It's not expensive, I think it was about 14.00$ (US) which isn't much. There are also many free meditations by Deepok you can get from the App store. Another thing I've been doing for pain and anxiety is Orton tapping. Check it out. It really works. I wish you much peace.


I would be in Kalamazoo land if I took 1.0 zanax, lol! I barely take .25 & only if I absolutely need it. I have a full script since July & not taken any. But it’s there if I need it❣️


sounds like you do, that's one way to get of the citolopran


Hilarious! That was supposed to be “lala land”. Sorry😀


No problem. Yeah, so if .25 helps, use it!

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