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Patient Summaries & Lab Results

I keep seeing posts from people who are not sure how high their numbers are, and they were never given a copy of their blood test results by the doctor. I just wanted to say that you have every right to ask the doctor for a summary of your visit when you leave, as well as a copy of your blood test results... you paid for them! In fact I believe that most labs and doctor offices provide a patient portal now on their websites that will allow you to download a copy of what is in your file. Be sure to sign up for their Patient Portal at your doctor’s office, as well as the lab where you normally get your blood drawn. Also, the doctor rarely tells you what you should and should NOT be eating with your liver disease. We as the patient have to take control over our own health... Google all of your questions and/or utilize this website for any additional questions you may have because you NEED to know... your LIFE does depend on it!

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Ask my Dr for a printout of my bloods 3 times. Still waiting 😡


I would call in at your GPs' reception (preferably when they are not too busy) and ask the desk staff for a copy. I always do this after my annual lfts. I believe that if you ask soon enough it will be yours, free ... although my GP practice will charge if the tests were done some weeks or months earlier, as it takes the Admin people longer to search them out. Usually the receptionists do it for me there and then - although mine is a particularly wonderful Practice.

Longer term, do also sign up for access to your results via the GP website - this will be private to you, for your results only.

I agree with the above PBC F comment, that we are supposed to get all letters and results sent to us, or increasingly given to us as we leave and appointment or procedure.

Hope this helps

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Thanks I will give it a try next blood test.

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