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Fibrosis results

I have just been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Apparently due to alcohol which I am unsure of as I haven't drank alcohol now for over four years and prior to that i did drink but never any more than three times a month. During this time I did get drunk but only when I went out socially. After telling people who know me well all respond with What You . I have also been told I have portal hypertension and enlarged spleen. I also lack vitamin D .

I have just seen my fibroscan score which was 61.6kPa. I wonder if someone will be able to explain this score for me. What has flummoxed me is my blood test result for liver function it came back near normal.

I suffer from t he itching and aching bones especially in my fingers and wrist. I also become very tired and exhausted. I haven't really had any explanation.about any of these diagnoses and really confused.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear from you .

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Hello l13d.

Your symptons, ie itching and I believe you are describing fatigue are in correlation with PBC but also they can be indications of other liver disorders.

Have you been diagnosed with PBC as you didn't state.

You can have various results for the liver function test (LFTs) even with PBC. Usually it seems that most who are diagnosed with PBC tend to start the pathway to diagnosis via the LFTs being taken and found to be abnormal.

Due to PBC being slow progressive as it is said to be, seems that regardless of what we do to try to keep ourselves healthy after diagnosis there is no way to get rid of the PBC only the attempt to slow down its progression via taking urso in this case.

Cirrhosis is a stage of PBC as it can be in other liver disorders. It has to be remembered too that one can appear very healthy and that this stage can also be with one for many years apparently.

I doubt if alcohol has created this stage but I think it has to be remembered that if one is diagnosed with PBC certain things if continued can more than likely create additional problems for the liver to cope with. Even taking certain medications can have an affect on the liver.

Cirrhosis can be seen on an ultrasound scan. I am not familiar with the fibroscan so can't comment there as all I've ever had is bloodwork and an ultrasound (I was diagnosed in late 2010 due to itching, fatigue and also abnormal LFTs and the other blood seen in liver disorders is one knows as GGT plus positive high titre of antiboides known as AMAs).

Itching and also fatigue don't seem to be an indication of how PBC is and it's said that taking urso usually doesn't help erase these symptons. In my case for some reason fatigue vanished during 2011. Itching I still have but it altered over time so now it is confined to night time only. I get tired later day many a day due to unbroken sleep through the night caused by itching.

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It sounds more like PBC to than the alcohol. If you haven't been diagnosed contact the PBC foundation they will guide you on how to challenge your diagnosis. Oh & my lfts are normal. X

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I would ask them to check for PBC, in fact demand it. Have you has a scan or a biopsy?, have you seen a Liver specialist or just a GP or a gastroenterologist?.

Its a good idea to contact the foundation for advice but really the only way to be sure is to ask to be referred to a liver specialist ( heptologist ) IMHO.

It sounds like you have PBC to me as well, Have you been given any medication yet?

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Hi there,

I received my Fibroscan results yesterday as well and I was really shocked to see it was 68.7. I have recently been diagnosed with PBC, have never drunk alcohol or smoked and led a relatively healthy lifestyle. Both our readings are very high and show cirrhosis of the liver in a pretty advanced stage. I suffer from joint pain all over and fatigue, very little itching. In my opinion, your condition has very little to do with alcohol consumption as you need to be a heavy drinker to cause that much damage to the liver. I suppose you have PBC. Have your AMA results come back positive? You will probably be prescribed a beta blocker (propranolol) for varices and vitamin D supplements for the deficiency. Unfortunately there is nothing much we can do but hope that progression will be slow and then when liver failure occurs, we'll benefit from a transplant. Try to keep positive, try to rest when your body says so and keep a balanced diet! That's all we can do at this stage. Take care!



Thank you all for your comments. I haven't been formally diagnosed with pbc, just been told I have cirrhosis probably alcohol based. Well as I have said I'm not sure about this. Don't know about all my blood test results as I haven't been given copies which I have asked for. I am seeing a liver specialist and to be fair she is still doing test.

Last night has been the worst I have felt lying down. My right side was so swollen and hard I couldn't lie on my side.

Are the fibroscan results being that high (61.6kpa) mean you are more likely to need a transplant.

Oh forgot to say I haven't had a biopsy.

Thanks again everyone its good to have people to talk to


Unfortunately it can be that people even doctors assume people with liver damage are secret drinkers ....I think you need to reitterate to whoever diagnosed drink induced cirrhosis to check for othercauses...there are lots of different causes of liver damage

What made you give up drink?I gave up having any when I was 20something as it made me feel very poorly ..even a couple of small glasses of wine and be sick.i was not diagnosed until I was ill whilst pregnant at 36.anyway good luck with getting a proper diagnosis ask for antibody blood tests but get them to check out other causes.dont give up if you are sure you haven't drunk much.x.cazer

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