AROUND this time last year i was put in the hospital with elevated AST, ALT and Phos and ANA positive.. along with super bad pains and nausea. 3 different hospitals, and a bunch of liver speicialists and no one was able to come up with why or what.... sooo time has passed, I only had 3 flair ups throughout the last 7 months, buttttt as of Saturday after taking an ALEVE, * which i have taken and hadnt had any reaction to* suddenly the pain is back. . waiting on blood results... Has this type of thing happened to anyone?>. I Last October when i was admitted into the hospital they did a biopsy, and said it was inflamed, but nothing major.... my liver specialist also said the liver wouldnt have pain... Im just out of ideas, I am now going to be seeing ANOTHER liver specialist but I have a feeling I will get the same lack of results.. My gastro said AutoImmune Hep. but the liver specialist said she didnt want to commit to anything early on. *3 months in at the time.. Thank you everyone!

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  • So sorry to hear this. I was diagnosed with what they thought was autoimmune hep about 6 months ago and now they are saying it’s PBC. I’m going to start Urso next week. Hoping to feel better soon. Hope you get some answers! Hang in there!

  • How stressful to not be able to get a diagnosis. Praying that the new specialist will get things figured out. As for upper right quad pain, I've seen lots of women posting here mention it. I believe it can be the lining. I truly hope you get some answers. Hugs.

  • Yes. Pain from liver inflammation commonly called URQ pain by PBCers. Liver doesn't actually hurt, but it causes pain In surrounding tissue. Best Wishes.

  • I have enlarged liver to the point it pushes against other things and I have to think that would cause some of the pain . I take 1200 mg urso daily and 10 mg ocaliva

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