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Im feel extremely fatigued today. My EGD was a hard one to swallow yesterday🙄. My GI said that I've had significant changes to my varicies since my last EGD, which was at the end of April. I now have stage 2 varicies that needed two areas banded. I had minimal blood in my abdomen which I am thankful to have cought the ruptured areas before I had the horrific experience of puking blood again. Im on a soft diet until tomorrow & I'll return for a follow up EGD in 3-4 weeks to make sure Im healing properly. Doc ordered a CBC panel for my blood. Thank you everyone for the kind words & support.

Stay strong❣️


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  • Shannon I'm praying for you. What did your Dr say about getting better? Is this something that can heal itself or stay the same? You really are an amazing woman. How are your children

  • The areas that busted will heal with the banding & leave scar tissue. The varicies, unfortunately will always be something I have to watch along with everything else that comes with stage 4 PBC. The varicies are something that happens once your liver is in cirrhosis stage, which Im btwn stages F3-F4. I will start a very low dose beta blocker along with the Lasix to hopefully keep the varicies from busting again. I was not on a beta blocker before due to my blood pressure always being in the lower side, he was afraid of my blood pressure bottoming out. I have had a lot of stress lately wich puts pressure on the liver, in turn, puts pressure on my varicies. On a good note though, my attorney who's handling my disability claim says that this will be good for my case. I'd never be able to hold a job due to all of the unexpected issues that can happen at this stage.

    You asked about my kiddos😊. They are well. My 19 year old starts The Salon Professionals Academy on Nov 13. Im so proud of her to want to follow in my footsteps. She also works for a car dealership in detail & parts dept. This was also a love of mine. My 8 year old just started Fall softball which keeps her busy. My girls worry about momma too much. Im happy they stay busy so not to worry about my PBC so much.

    Again, I just needed a bit of a tune up 😉. It is what it is & I just need to learn to cope with things. Some days are more difficult than others as we all know.

  • I wish that I knew what to say. For me when I hit rock bottom or start to, I visit animals. I love animals. I pray that the bata blockers help you. A lot of pbcers are taking them and do well. We all know that we are all different. Right now I'm going threw steroid crash. My enzymes was fine so I'm lowering my prednisone down to 12.5 mgs.

    I feel so helpless so often coming on this sight because most of you know so much more than me.

    I feel so useless to you all.

    All that I have to offer is ways to try and stay happy but now I'm realizing it's hard to be happy when you have itching and other symptoms. I just don't know what to say

  • You're just fine. If I remember correctly, you're fairly new to the world of PBC. I feel that most of us are the same as how we learn as we go. Im still learning things myself. Still have so many questions that ponder in my mind.

  • Prayers

  • Thankgod they investigated now. Glad everything ok take it easy. I know these procedures are not very nice.

  • How right you are kimphoebe.

  • I'm sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time Shannon. I don't understand how your blood work "appears" normal but yet you're not. It really makes me wonder even more about this illness. What are they missing? As someone said somewhere on here, "We find out more about this illness than the Dr.'s know." Getting really discouraging to be honest. Prayers to you and all of you.

  • My most recent hepatic panel is out of wack again I had bloodwork for that the day before the EGD. The hepatic bloodwork is being done at the request of my heptologist. But the same day I had that done I saw my GI to go over my labs that he ran. Something there made him want to run another EGD, I just had one done in late April early May ( can't think of the exact date at the moment) & everything was fine, no change. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress recently due to my not working & bringing zero income into our household. Everything seems to be happening all at once. My disability claim being denied, not going to work, because I loved my job. My fiance talking about how I need to do something, part time at least. But then he made a comment yesterday about how he's thankful my dad is able to help out like he does because if he (being my fence) took me to all of my appointments he wouldn't have a job. Why can't he hear himself say these things. In other words how in the heck would I be able to hold a job down with all of the appointments, procedures, plus the down time that comes with these procedures!!! It's so aggravating 😟

  • Stay strong and positive. Sending prayers.

  • Hope today you feel a bit rested after yesterday's testing. I think you travel several hours to even get to the specialist- as it seems many here have to do. The travel alone can be a drain on our already fatigued bodies! Hugs to all.

  • Fortunately I did not need to travel for this procedure. My GI specialist is just 15 miles away. He requested the EGD & performed it. I do travel three hours to see my heptologist. He too does these procedures & is a transplant guy as well. Im thankful to have a great health care team close to home & at Indiana university☺️. Thank you everyone for the thoughtful words & prayer. Although I do feel as if Im coming down with a bug due to having my ears ach right as I woke from the procedure with a low grade fever yesterday. Today the back of my head/neck ach. I sent a message to my GI's nurse who confirmed that there are a couple of bugs going around. Doesn't take much for me to pick illness up if it's near. It's my awesome immune system not doing what it can for "normal" people😕

  • How are you feeling today?

  • Still a little icky, but Im thinking Im coming down with a bug😷. I did manage to get outside for a moment to pick some fresh veggies from the garden. That didn't last long though. Thank you for checking😊

  • 🙏🙏🙏

  • Thinking of you Shannon,

    Hope your doing ok. I mean for all your going through... So many prayers go out for you, for us all. Keep us posted.

    Stella ❤

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