How often do other people have endoscopies, I have had a oesophogeal bleed and have had my varicies tied a couple of times now, and am on 12 weekly surveillence. I hate them, had a bad experience when admitted as an emergency and spend at least the week before worrying and not sleeping properly. I do have the sedation, but would rather be knocked out..........I am such a wuss!!

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  • I have had 2, i cant remember either of them as i found the sedation so good!! Perhaps it depends on the type of sedation on offer - i had rohypnol

  • will ask as i am not sure what they use

  • I don't know the name of the medication but we call it "Conscious Amnesia". -:) You're awake but you don't remember it. Really neat. -:).

  • sounds like ( versed )

  • I had one. They used propofol the same medication Michael Jackson used. It was the best sleep I have ever had. I was out only 15 minutes, however I have never felt so refreshed when I woke up. Now I know why Jackson used it.

    Durning emergencies things are different then when they are scheduled.

  • The tried to do one on me but I could not take it, the gave me three grams of valium, that was after me telling them that valium did not have any effect on me and it didn't so he gave up.

  • I had one the day after my liver biopsy to check for varies. They only found tiny ones but I don't remember the endoscopy. X

  • I had one before my diagnosis for PBC, as about a year before I was getting terrible reflux. Not sure what they used but I dont remember a thing and was only under for minutes. Interestingly the endoscopy showed nothing up and got a letter to say everything was fine. (another missed opportunity I think).

  • Thanks to everyone who has replied so far, I am new to this forum and am very impressed by the speed of everyones response and the support you all offer each other on the threads. I am really glad I have joined,it is nice to know there are others "out there" who know what its like, and that you dont feel like you are bonkers :-)

    Re my question, your replies have been really useful. I have a great Consultant who did ask me if I remembered what had happened, and when I told him yes, he did say he would give me "more" next time...........maybe a hammer on the head would be better ha ha!

  • At some point or another we all think we are bonkers, that's why this forum is so good. Always someone to talk to or ask a question. We are all in the same

    boat. Take care. X

  • Hi, I had one earlier this year, my first, and was told by the nurse that most people just have the numbing spray to the back of the throat rather than sedation. I went with her advice and although unpleasant I was glad to go straight home rather than wait on the ward for 4 hrs feeling woozy. I think a lot is down to the Dr's and Nurses doing the procedure, both of mine were very efficient, talked to me throughout the procedure and were reassuring during insertion and removal, the worst bit! Would I have it this way again.....hmmm not sure. Let's hope I don't need another one for a good long while.

  • i have had 2 and remember them both very well. First one was just after being diagnosed. Was booked to stay overnight as had no one to drive me home after. Sadly there was no beds so decided to be brave and just had gas and air. They found the hernia and also said I had barrats (Slightly different cells which can lead to cancer) Second time I had the gas and air again and they couldnt find the barrats at all. They were about 3 months apart but have had none since.

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