Modafinil ( Provigil) Update

After taking Modafinil for two weeks I thought I would give an update as promised,.so far I've had no side effects and the results are really good , although it hasn't cured the fatigue compleatly it has helped considerably . I would say out of 7 days I get at least. 4 really good days and boy does that make a difference hope this helps x

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  • Thanks for the feed back. I am suffering terrible fatigue at the moment . I m seeing my specialist in a few weeks and I am going to ask him if I can trial modifinil. Glad it is helping you x

  • Did you get tis via your GP or consultant.

  • My consultant he has put me on a 3 month trial x

  • I am waiting to hear from my consultant regarding modafinil. He said he would research it and get back to me but that was six weeks ago . I am desperate to find something to help me . I feel that life is spiralling away from me .

  • What os yhis drug and is it on general release?

  • Hi Cazer this drug is actually used to treat narcolepsy .

  • Hi Kieraferret,

    Do you take the generic for Provigil? The reason I ask is that my Dr. put me on a months trial of Nuvigil and its brand name only. The patent was getting ready to expire on Provigil and so the makers came up with Nuvigil to stay ahead of the game.

    Anyway, I suspect it's probably very expensive and since they are chemically similar then I may want to go with the generic Provigil instead. This is my second day taking it and I do like it so far, but the downside of the first day was it kept me up til 2am. I usually stay up til 11 or twelve most nights, so not too bad.

  • Hi Jean yes I'm on provigil 100mg . And I have had no problem sleeping on them I take it at 8am and so far very pleased with the results . X

  • Hi There, Are you in the UK , I've not heard of this drug but I would sure like to give it try, was it your GP or your consultant who prescribed this for you,glad it's helping you, keep well,

  • Hi Jaycee yes I'm in the UK and it was my consultant that prescribed it x

  • Hi Kieraferret, Thanks for your reply, I will be asking the next time I see her X

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