Allergies/autoimmune connection?

My pharmacist (I'm a pharm tech) and I were talking about this today. Pollen count in our area this week has been EXTREME and I've had the worst week yet with this disease....found this article just now....I'm going on allergy med as soon as I get to work today to see if it helps!

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  • Hi tonia66

    Thanks for posting this article it is very interesting.☺

  • My allergies get very bad. 10 years ago they were real bad as well. I'm not sure how this Pbc aih issue comes to surface. But I was only diagnosed late jan early Feb. with very early stage one fibrosis. My allergies began 10 years ago. Menapause is really in the way of determining symptoms.

  • Oh my gosh Jenny! Menopause is my culprit

    I keep getting warm (not sweaty drenching hot flash) about 20 mins after Dr says she does not think PBC it's menopause but I can't get over the food

  • The connection we're trying to figure out is the pollen causes your immune system to go into overdrive....if that is the case is it affecting the PBC as well since our T-cells are involved?

  • Hi tonia66

    thank you for this interesting article.

    best wishes

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