UK bilirubin result

I'm new to this site.

How worrying is a reading for bilirubin of 29 umol/L?

I understand the "normal" range is about 0 - 21 umol?

My blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are fine, my blood sugar levels are fine. Generally, my health is good and I am active and reasonably fit for someone in their 60's.

I do have acid reflux which is controlled by Lansoprazole 15 mg daily.

Does this bilirubin level suggest a narrowing of the bile duct or a gall bladder problem etc? Do I need to speak to my doctor about this?

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  • Mikecarrs you should always speak to your dr. Welcome to the group. I'm new here too. I wish that I could help

  • Hi

    Welcome to group- 29 is high but there may be reasons - your dr will have a better idea - mine is always high often over 30, although my other bloods are stable - but my dr thinks I probably have Gilbert syndrome and we just monitor it.

  • Many thanks - that's helpful.

  • Hi Before my transplant mine was 280, speak to Dr if you are worried x

  • Thank you

  • Hi Debi

    Plse can I ask you what age you had your transplant and how long you have had donor liver?Are you well and do you live a normal life.

    Are you now PBC free and what is your prognosis?



  • I was 50 when had tx, had it on 12/01/2017 so 5 weeks ago. I'm very well 100% better than before op have more energy but the greatest thing is for me anyhow is NO ITCH :-). Not sure about prognosis or the PBC just happy to be here x

  • Hi can I ask how long you had pbc

  • I was diaghosed in 2009 but thought i had for much longer. I was on urso for 2 years until i stopped reaponding to it. Think thats why i got worse and had transplamt x

  • Thanks for replying glad to hear you are a lot better and there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Take care of yourself

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