Ursofalk in pregnancy

Hi all, I gave birth in Nov 2015 to a baby boy after having obstetric cholestasis from 31 weeks. Since his birth my liver functioning has not gone back to normal and in the last few months I have been on ursofalk again to help my liver. My specialist thinks I have very early stage PBC but still have negative AMA.

Anyways, thinking of having another baby and wondering has anyone taken ursofalk throughout their pregnancies (even in early pregnancy) and was all ok with your babies? The specialist says taking ursofalk is fine during pregnancy and with my history it is very important to keep it up.


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  • Hi yes I've taken urso through two pregnancies and it's considered to be perfectly safe

  • Thanks! Can I ask you did you get an itch during or towards the end of your pregnancy even though you were on ursofalk? And if so were you monitored in the hospital? Bloods/extra scans etc.

  • So long story but... preg #1 was diagnosed ICP at 24 weeks and put on urso. Itch never bad. Diagnosed PBC after LFTs never normalised post partum and been on urso since then (Dec 2013). Preg #2 diagnosed ICP at 21 weeks with elevated bile acid of 17 despite being on urso all along. Again itching never bad just mild at night. Sadly lost that baby at 35 weeks due To massive bile acid spike from 6 to over 100 within 3 days. By that point I was getting 4 weekly growth scans and weekly bloods but obviously that wasn't frequent enough oh and I'd been to hospital on monitoring for two days due to reduced movement but they sent me home. 24 hours later she was gone. On urso the whole preg and til that point BA never got above 17.

    Now I'm on preg #3 but only 11 weeks along and no ICP diagnosis yet but fully expecting it. THis time I will get baseline bloods done soon then repeat bloods every few weeks until either ICP diagnosis or 28 weeks. Then weekly bloods to 32 weeks and twice weekly after that. Monitoring is a waste of time with ICP (check out ICP Support site) - just bloods and careful attention to baby's movements. I'm scared stupid but hopeful we will make it this time!

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world with your pregnancy! Newly diagnosed this disease scares the life out of me but aiming to live as normal a life as possible with 2 kids under 2 😬 X

  • Hello ruby were you able to breastfeed while on urso? I just was diagnosed recently and my doctor will be putting me on urso when i see him next i have a five month old that is currently brestfed and dont know if i need to be looking for formula prior to starting urso. Best of luck with your current pregnancy!

  • I did breastfeed with my first but I have a feeling I wasn't put back on urso until after I had stopped as I only fed her for about 7 months and it took that long for them to diagnose the PBC.

  • Very best of luck with your pregnancy. I hope it all goes well for you xxxx

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