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hi - I've been considering purchasing a Medical Alert Bracelet. I have PBC and AI Hepatitis - but also listing my medications (mainly concerned about the Prednisone).

When I was in emerg last month for what I thought was a heart attack - they nurse almost gave me aspirin. I questioned her as to whether or not I could have aspirin (with my conditions and the meds I'm taking). She had no idea (in fact didn't know anything about PBC). But turns out I couldn't have it because of the Prednisone. Turns out it also wasn't a heart attack - but those are things that I worry about in terms of if I'm unconscious, I want the medial personnel to know these things (my conditions and my meds)

anyone else wear one?

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  • Hi, I wear an SOS talisman necklace. I have information about my transplant, medication and the fact I am diabetic. Also the usual stuff my name , blood group, a contact number, infact it's a good idea to wear one.

  • Sounds like a really good idea... It's been bothering me for a while that if I couldn't talk if I had a varicella bleed the ambulance. Or hospital might not realise quickly enough or if I had an unrelated accident not to do with the pbc.

    Did you get. It on the Internet.?

    Best wishes. Cazer. X

  • I'm going to order one

  • where are you going to get it from please?

  • Thanks I've been leaning toward getting one

  • What stage are you at if you don't mind me asking?

    I'm pbc. Hoping to get. assessed soon.

    Guess your wide awake as well?

    Best. Wishes cazer

  • HI - I'm nearing stage 2. Not sure what stage of Autoimmune Hepatitis I'm in - she didn't tell me although it was found on a liver biopsy so I'm sure they could stage it.

  • I've never considered anything like this Becca75 and I've been diagnosed with PBC now for just over 6 years. I only take the urso though. (My bloods are not normal range.)

    I'm no medic but I am aware of prednisone (or prednisolone) and aspirin as both are of an anti-inflammatory on the system.

    I think it depends on you personally with regards to wanting to wear a bracelet. My son-in-law was diagnosed as a diabetic when he was 14 so he's been on insulin daily. His daughter (my granddaughter of course) developed diabetes when she was 2. She is 7 now and both her and her dad wear a bracelet as the condition can become life-threatening quickly. This probably gives myself a good reason not to consider one of these bracelets. I know myself if I was not to take the urso one day it wouldn't have a big effect (one reason why I think the urso isn't even considered as a free med on the NHS here in England like insulin).

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