Can anyone recommend Travel Insurance covering Pre exsisting medical conditions?

I often have difficulties getting insurance due to my husbands diabetes and all his complications, our last annual policy couldnt be renewed as he had a heart attack at 38, However he is doing well so we booked a cruise for his 40th birthday in septmeber and now I have been diagnosed with PBC and im finding insurance companies dont like it ? Any advice out there ? Thanks

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  • If you haven't been hospitalised with your condition in the last year ( I think it is) then you should be able to get insurance. Ask the company if a letter from your consultant stating you are stable will help. I have used Columbus and currently Nat west...

    Hope it gets sorted and you gave a wonderful time

  • The Liver North site have a list of Insurance companies who will cover PBC.

  • I'm insured with Rothwell Towler xx

  • The only travel insurance I could get that was reasonably priced and understanding was the post office, hope this helps

  • I have PBC and varacies and couldn't get anyone to insure me. I tried MIA travel insurance and they were very helpful and quite reasonable. I just needed a note from my consultant that I was fit to travel. Good luck.

  • Hello ReiversMrs.

    I've yet to ever take our any travel insurance. I've never been overseas yet and always wanted to visit a couple places.....then before I had chance, diagnosed with PBC Dec 2010.

    I did do some checking with a holiday in mind couple years ago and it seems a bit of a minefield. My son works for a big insurance company and he informed me that at the time Endsleigh would actually cover me if I'd been diagnosed a year and with no changes to condition or medication doses/additional meds. (I'm only on urso and take nothing else.) But insurance companies change their tunes from year to year. Noticed some have this screening thing I checked out with intention of booking a holiday but even though I answered all the 3 questions that would have been to their advantage (meaning everything was stable, no transplant list, etc) it still stated at the end that they'd not cover PBC! What was the point in putting it at the start and then going through the questions? I eventually got a bit fed up and decided not to bother.

    I did contact the British Liver Trust at the time, I received an email of several companies but there was no guarantee due to changes often made.

    Liver North as nomorepies has stated here offer a list in their latest newsletter every time of which there was recently a Spring 2014 uploaded online. Click on Publications and scroll down on their site.

    I pick up a Mature Times in my local library each month as it is for 50+ (of which I am 50 next month) and like to keep informed about certain things that might be of advantage. (I did find out that once you are 50 you can get house insurance and I did a quote in preparation for just after I'm 50 and it is better than my current one in cost). In Mature Times there were odd features about insurance, travel insurance was one. Apparently SAGA can cover you for travel if you are a certain age.

    Good Luck in finding travel insurance, please update us all who you went with so that everyone else can have another option for travel.

  • Thanks for all the replies, better get searching, usually I can eventually find insurance for my husband though one week in Las vegas cost £350 in travel Insurance, ( I booked and paid for the holiday before I realised) but there is no way I would go without it. Now ive got PBC it will make getting a quote twice as hard and probably twice as expensive. Im only 46 so dont yet qualify for saga. Hope you get to go where you would like to go peridot

  • The PBC foundation lists some companies - although only based on member recommendations, they don't/can't endorse. All companies seem to keep changing, and even one phone person can say different things to another at the same company. I used to go with PO, but I'd prefer to discuss with one of the medical people, and they don't seem to hand you over.

    Be sure to read all the fine details of the policies. The one I opted for last year did not cover any illness on a flight if it led to the landing or diversion of the plane. I was not worried about this as my PBC isn't really active, but it was a shock to spot this, when I thought I'd researched the policy so carefully. I imagine this is something to check for on long flights, especially to the States. Also, a friend noticed a change between booking and the arrival of her policy: the one in the post was different to the policy she'd read online before choosing the company and now excluded disaster cover, which she needed for the region she was going to. Obviously that's not relevant here, so much, but it shows how slippery these things are. You have to remember, they are just out to make money.

  • hi I got one year travel insurance my husband just had a heart attack in january we got insured with stay sure covers world wide he is also on insulin for type 2 diabitis

  • Hi I used flexi cover last year they were really reasonable & would use them again. Hope this helps

  • well my first quote for 1 year in Europe was £139 for hubby with 6 things to declare and £200 for me with PBC, just diagnosed, on still fit and healthy, ( though knackered and achy) but it didnt ask that! could be a long night :)

  • Staysure covered me for a week in Las Vegas for £108 with PBC - was the most reasonable I found but I've since heard the post office do better deals

  • seems you have to be lucky to find the right plicy and price for you, Interesting about the small print Gritty, will look out for that, though as long as we are insured for medical bills im not bothered about anything else, we lost the cost of flights last year when hubby had a heart attack, but the lovely man who owned the apartments charged us nothing so they are some nice people out there :) My husband thinks its hilarous that it costs more to insure me now than him ! after all the years ive moaned about him ;)

  • There's a company called JD Consultants. I think they take all your details then find you the TI companies that seem to offer you the best deal. I have not tried them, but they found a company to cover my friend when her hubby was having heart trouble, but as you've found out liver trouble is regarded as more serious.

    NB I mentioned the exclusion of a forced plane diversion or landing, because if that itself is not covered - even if the illness they had to land/divert because of is - then that's £10s of £1000s. Okay, it's not going to happen, but even so ...

  • I live in Australia and was insured for my holiday to the UK June this year and they covered a lot of my medical conditions which included PBC, It was not cheap. I have booked another trip to the UK for next July and contacted the same travel insurance company and they will not cover me and I have still have the same medical conditions nothing has changed with me medically but they asked one extra question {do you have Fibromyalgia} which I said yes, but did not expect to be covered for it as it is stable. They combined 2 questions into one {do you have neck or back pain} last time it was only do you have back pain which I said yes but not covered for....but they still covered me for a lot of my other conditions. I have found another insurance company that has covered all my medical conditions but at a price, at least I have insurance with Insureandgo ......... otherwise I could/would not go on holiday in the UK next year. Doreen Melbourne Australia

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