Biopsy Results

Hi all. Got the results of my biopsy on Friday. Not as good as i hoped for as the auto immune hepatitis is attacking the liver as well as the pbc. Started on high dose of steroids to try and counteract it. Was told i have got a life changing illness. Back to clinic in 3 weeks to see what there going to do next. Hope ur all well and enjoy Christmas.xx

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  • Hi, To say there will not be changes would be a lie, however I did not find the life style changes not all that major. I got just a little fusy on food but that was only looking at the ingredients more. I wish you luck for the future.

  • True for me too

  • That's awful news ,I know how you feel my results showed I have both autoimmune Hepatitis and PBC.

    Certainly is life changing but what can we.

    Stay strong and I wish you all the best xxx

  • Same. Just taking the URSO and prednisone...7 mg. Say i would have issues if i dont tske the antiinflammatory. The docs are serious and i stopped taking mine inlieu for tumeric and milk thistle and my disease ended in me having liver failure. I didnt follow their protocol which they can refuse the liver transplant. I was so scared and pleaded i will follow their rules and was getting better with their meds. The docs ie liver specialists mean business. Lowered my AST and bilirubin. I was very yellow and my eyes were too. I am now white again. I just have the caput madusea and lowr abd varicose veins. This is my issue as i am 49 and dating. Makes me want to cry.

  • I hope you are ok . Look after yourself. Try to find methods to stay calm. It helped me when i got my news.☺

  • Hang in there and try to be positive I had a flare last year and came out if it take it day by day, prayers for a good day there for you.

  • It is not easy,but comforting to know we are all there for each other, as no one else can imagine what we are going through

  • I wish you well I only have PBC. But it all depends what your life was before. It has been life changing for me. It's affected Evey aspect of my life. I can't digest fat or alchol without problems so it has been a major change & the fatigue has impacted on my work life. I am quite symptomatic I now wear glasses cause I can't wear contact lenses. & Lots of other little things. Which actually are quite livable but it has changed big style. I'm still here though & try to live for every minute. Xxx

  • Thanks for the reply's. Just finding im a bit weepy at the moment so going to take some time off work to let it sink in.

    Already affected my working life going from a deputy manager to a team leader and now looks im going to have to drop a day as im always so tired and finding it hard to concentrate.

    Wishing you all a Happy 2017. xx

  • So sorry to hear about how things are going at the moment for you.

    I have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow to discuss a possible biopsy to diagnose PBC/AIH overlap.

    You mention life changes can I just ask you what that could be as I feel even with PBC my life has been changed as I still work full time which is a struggle and my home life suffers as a result of fatigue and pain.

    Really worried about tomorrow's appointment to be honest as I haven't got a clue what to expect.

    Thanks xx

  • Hi Jayne. Sorry only just seen your message. Not sure what changers they are talking about as yet. My work and home life have already changed. Dropped a grade at work and also doing less hours. Luckily for me my husband as also changed his job so he is very supportive and does a lot of the running off our house. Hope your appointment went well. Hope 2017 brings us better health.xx

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