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I have had my routine blood work done and had been called back by my consultant as she seems to think I now have PBC/AIH overlap. I am due to see her next week then having an ultrasound done in January but on her letter she states that I am not to take any over the counter medication. I am struggling with a cold and pain all over. Does this mean that paracetamol is out of bounds does anyone know? Really struggling st the minute and any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks xx

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  • Hi Jayne , sorry to hear about your health issues , I presume if they say over the counter meds , maybe they mesh things more stronger ? You can buy paracetamol these days from Most shops . Even pound land , if you are in sure then give them a call before the Xmas festivities , I have liver disease so I have to. Be. Careful with what I take . If I have a cold I drink Lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey in warm water , works a treat ! Also you can buy the headache strips you put on your forehead . I use them as they have a Cooling gel in them . Hope things get sorted 😊 Best wishes Linda

  • Hello Jayne1863.

    Though I've not had any over-the-counter medications as in you swallow since before 2010 when I was diagnosed, it is apparently safe to take paracetamol with PBC unless you are at a later stage (cirrhosis). A doctor will be able to advise.

    I've found that medications that are said not be used in liver issues according to the patient info leaflet (my own urso leaflet states not to be used in such, only mentions gallstones what urso was originally designed for before PBC use) do tend to be given. I think some of the cautions are put there as a safety net for the pharmaceutical but a doctor can advise. Not sure if a pharmacist would unless they delve into what PBC is as a lot of doctors aren't overly-familiar with it as yet.

    If you have joined the PBC Foundation you can check through the binder that is the members' section online as that did mention medications in PBC. It is also mentioned on the GP leaflet that they once sent me.

    If you've not done so, Liver North (Newcastle, UK) can send out a free dvd all about PBC. I got one several years ago but can't say I watched it all (my husband did) and I am sure this subject will be on there (though not much good if you are needing paracetamol at present).

  • Hi peridot , I have had Cirrosis for 8 years , my gp said I am OK to take paracetamol and even Ibuprofen as I have been given them in a prescription only 4 weeks ago during wisdom teeth extraction at the hospital in Birmingham . But I suppose PBC is different ? Would be good to actually know what we are or are not allowed .. Maybe it's because we are all at different stages I don't know .

  • Hello Millie09.

    Sorry to read that you have developed cirrhosis. As you know we can only give our own experiences and understandings of legitimate information (I don't trawl the internet, only use a few trusted sites here in the UK that deal with liver disorders) and currently I do not have cirrhosis connected to the PBC.

    However I have noted your posting as these things can be worth remembering maybe in the future to ask (the medical profession) about ourselves if we find ourselves in need, in this case the use of paracetamol or ibuprofen.

  • Hi peridot , that's ok . I am used to loving with it now , it's just a part of my that's gone a bit wonky but i am still the same person I was just a sober one who gets tired easily yet has Insomnia 🤔. Glad to hear you do do not have cirrohsis . Yes I will never take anything unless my doctor says it's ok to take any form of medication , not even a phrarmsist as they are not away aware of our Illness

  • I was diagnosed pbc in oct , on the day of diagnosis the specialist that I saw said It was fine to continue with co-codamol (paracetamol/codeine) I have read on here that some people wouldn't take them, so I don't know what to think but if I don't take them I can hardly move by the end of the day , so I will continue taking them until next app with specialist in April.

    I feel that I have to live with pbc and not allow pbc to become my life so if I am ill I will take something over the counter.

  • I was told the same but told definitely not to take Ibuprofen.

  • You should call and let them know what is happening at the moment and they can probably tell you what you can take. My docs thought for a few years I had PBC with AIH. They finally put me on prednisone and azathiaprine treatment but it didn't change anything so they ruled it out; but still thinking I have some sort of over-lapping syndrome after 11 years of diagnosis.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I will be seeing my consultant next Thursday so shall see what she says. she also said that I need an ultrasound which is in January but will discuss a liver biopsy with me next week. Is this normal with overlap PBC/AIH does anyone know as a biopsy has never been mentioned before.

    Thanks x

  • Hi Jayne

    Try garlic, rosehip tea and good organic locally produced honey. Salt water to gargle but no swallowing! Olbus oil to clear sinus (strong so use a littlle) put it on your radiator. A little on chest or behind ears. Hot water bottle.lots of warmth. As much non -screen/online time rest as you can get. prop up with more pillows of its not uncomfortable to breath better. If you can't actually sleep -relax. Spend the timw comming up with some good ideas or one on how to do something possible you havent done yet in your life. Something that is new as soon as you are better. I hope that helps.

    Take care and gave a good Christmas Holiday☺

  • I have Pbc/AI Hepatitis and I take Urso and Prednisone (as well as calcium for the bones with prednisone)

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