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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum.

I am 46 years old, diagnosed with PBC exactly one yr ago after blood tests and liver biopsy. Started Urso and my blood tests are improving.

I wanted to ask, does anyone notice that they get pain over the liver during times of stress. I don't usually get pain and had never made the connection until now. A stressful time a few months back and I ended up having a scan due to the pain. Again a stressful time and I'm in a lot of pain! Does anyone know of a connection as I can't work out why it should happen?! It's a v sharp pain and can take my breath away at times.

I would really appreciate people's thoughts and advice on this. Thank you!

Best Wishes to all.

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  • I never had pain that I thought was associated with PBC. I have pain in my back where my bra hooks together but not all the time or even half the time

  • Thank you for replying. I'm assuming it's the liver because it's over that area but that could just be a bit of anxiety kicking in.

    It's very odd and I just can't understand why stress would cause pain.

    I've been helping my dad through an unexpected bereavement and I've noticed the pain is v sharp so I've at least been able to make a connection with stress and pain.

    Hope you are keeping well.

  • Yes Caroline, I do, an achy pain over the liver area, but not all the time, dont know quite was sets it off, I try to watch everything I eat as think that can sometimes set it off, have you mentioned it to your doctor, or specialist, Try not to worry, Iwas diagnosed 11 years ago, and in quite good health, Stress can cause mant things. Good Luck, keep smiling!! ,X

  • Thank you so much for replying.

    It's like a stitch usually but then a sharp pain when stressed, can take my breath away.

    I go to the gym a couple of times a week, dog walk most days and try to eat healthily. I don't want to be defined by this PBC and want to be in control.

    I feel reassured by your message, thank you!

    Here's wishing you continued good health.


  • I get the same thing but unfortunately have no advice for you. Maybe a stress response causes some inflammation which could effect the nerves around the liver? Just thinking out loud as I really have no idea why. I definitely get an almost immediate reaction with pain in upper right quadrant if in a very stressful situation. It dissipates as I start to relax but can last for quite a while. Unfortunately, a lot of stressful situations are out of our control but I am getting pretty good at identifying it and doing some mindful breathing and other stress relieving techniques. I don't consider myself to be a high-stress person at all so can usually manage the day to day stressors ok. It's the bigger things that land me in pain! If you get an answer from your doctor I'd love to know what he/she has to say about it.

  • I have PBC and have pain everyday where the liver sits in the right upper quadrant area.

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