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Bad days!

Diagnosed with pbc in June and I am on 1000mg of urso. Had a dexa scan and ultra scan get results in a couple of weeks. Recently had fingerprint bruising Lowe part of body especially abdomen. Last few days I have felt so tired and weak. Headache, pain in hips and thighs. Not sleeping well, woke up and I was so wet with sweat as if I had a bath. Sometimes feel nausea. Hopefully it won't last long, need a few good days. Sorry to bore you all just need to get it off my chest.

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Sorry you having a rough time at the moment, I also suffer from the dreaded hip pains, I was low on vit D so was given a boost of it and they felt a little better so maybe worth getting that tested out, just try and do what your body wants at the moment and rest and sleep as much as you can, a better day will come and you will have more of them than the bad days, good luck with the scan results, I'm waiting for my dexa results to come back so let us know how you get on.


Thanks for your reply yvonnejulie. Today I feel a lot better. Amazing what 24 hours can do. Hopefully some good days to come. Thank you for your kindness


Have you had a recent blood test including a test for your thyroid if not maybe worth checking. PBC can make you very tired and unfortunately it also comes with joint pain. Like Yvonnejulie I had low vitamin D which I supplement with a spray under the tongue daily. Also because of Pernicious Anaemia I am vitamin B12 deficient. It is worth checking that out as well. If you have any tummy problems it is possible you are not converting the vitamin B12. Doctors do not always pick up on these missing vitamins. I think A and K are also important to keep us balanced.

Take some time out to take care of yourself whilst you come to terms with the PBC for many of us when newly diagnosed the stress of taking it all in can use our reserves leaving us feeling really poorly.

Hope you soon feel a bit better

best wishes


Thanks butterflyei for replying. I do have an under active thyroid as well. Today I feel a lot better. Amazing what 24 hours can do.hopefully I will now have some good days for a while.thank you for your kindness

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