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Well I suppose your supposed to post for help. Can getting the last few days off your chest count as help when you just need to talk to someone else? I've had the worst eye infection/ injury I have ever had in my life. Rushed to A & E on Friday they found a gash which I can't see feel or remember doing , infected down the middle of my eye. Compounded by having dry eye syndrome. I have been to hell & back, never had as much pain since childbirth. The antibiotics are now kicking in however it has totally drained me, spent the last few days in bed in a dark room I am totally exhausted. From an eye for goodness sake. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Thanks for reading, I really needed to do that. Xx

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Hugs, hugs & more hugs - it sounds really horrendous. Thank heavens the antibiotics are working now - don't want to contemplate a day without antibiotics....

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teddybear7 in reply to badpiglet

Thank you x

Hi teddybear7

My goodness, sounds horrendous - glad your antibiotics are kicking and you most certainly need to take the time to rest. Hope you have some good support around you to make a cup of tea and get you some food. Hope you are soon back to your self.

best wishes

Thank you x

Oh shoot! You are a poor thing. It sounds just awful. It's food the antibiotics have kicked and I bet you'll feel better soon. Seems like when you have liver problems and you get some new infection it can really take your energy out. Rest all you can... you'll be backmin the real world soon enough.



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Thank you x

Oh my! I'm so glad you could reach out here. May the pain decrease and soon you'll be back on your feet. Amazing how eye injury can lay us so low!


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Thank you x

Just like to say thanks to you all, it's right what they say, if you've got a liver condition then other things really floor you. Xx

teddybear...sure you can. Get it off your chest. I can’t imagine my eye hurting like that. I too have dry eyes & we know the pain just a speck of dust can cause. Hopefully your antibiotic will work fast & get you feeling better. Speaking of getting things off your chest, I looked into PBCers.org today. Their site includes family, caregivers & patients. They allow you to vent anger & fears. So we should all free to speak freely. We all need somewhere we can go & feel whatever support we need, will be warmly received. Take care of yourself. 🌷❣️

I’m a real wimp and can’t cope with any pain so I feel so sorry for you. I hope your better very soon.

so sorry for your troubles , hope you are well soon

Hope you feel better

I can't even imagine how much you must have suffered. Terrible.

This is the best place to share your fears and seek support. People are always willing to support you and give you the proverbial shoulder to cry on . Take care of yourself and hope your feeling better soon. It sounds horrendous. I have dry eyes and grumble when they feel sore. Can't imagine what pain you have been through.

Hi Teddybear7,

Hugs and best wishes - and don't worry about sounding off - that's what we are here for!!

Yes! Eye pain is the worst ever, and I've had nothing like what you describe. Take time, recover, be nurtured ... and sound off as much as you like. You are a huge help, comfort and support to people on here, so now it is your turn.

Take care, and once it's over, really spoil and treat yourself,


That sounds horrendous, wishing you a speedy recovery.x

Poor you! I do hope that by the time you are able to read your replies you are in less pain and feeling better. What a horrid thing to happen, so glad you have a treatment that should help soon. Be kind to yourself.

So sorry. Talk about the last thing you need right now! Agree with everyone else, please take an abundance of care and time with your recovery. Thinking of you!

Oh you poor thing, that sounds really nasty. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. Let us know how you get on. Sending hugs. Diane x

Hi all of you so amazed with your support, thanks so much. I'm not really one to self indulge myself, I was just so shocked that an eye can cause this much pain & exhaustion. I've been back to hospital today. It's not good news really, I'm now on steroids, & some stronger lubricant drops as well as the antibiotics. I've to go back on Friday & expect to be going on a regular basis. I've lost about half my vision in my right eye, they're trying to save it. It was not what I expected, look after them eyes those of you who have them with the PBC, be very careful, although they think this is now a parasite, the dry eye syndrome has just made every thing worse. Thank for your support xx

Prayers 🙏🏻🌺

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Sounds horrendous

Well everybody, after 5 hospital visits to date the final conclusion has eliminated, accident, damage, infection & parasite. My eye condition is because of the PBC lots of us have this dry eye thing however, I have had an extreme breakdown/ case. Swimming is banned as the chemicals in the water are adding to the dryness. I'm on a different antibiotic, still on steroids, plus four other drops. Making 6 in total. Vision has improved slightly, I'm exhausted. Going away for a week on Friday then back to the hospital the following week. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I'd rather itch. Xxxx Thank you everybody for your comments support, prayers & best wishes. TB. Xx

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