G'morning! Received script yesterday. Am little nervous about taking it but what choice. Dr said keep Benadryl on hand in case of itching. So, I opted to get Children's liquid(😂) so it can get in my system quicker. 63 yrs old, but hey, if it works, lol! Pharmacist calculated dosage. Hope I do as well as some of you on Oclavia. I read that for years, Urso was the only available drug in Europe. Mortality rate was high among women there who could not tolerate Urso. So Europe was the driving force to get Oclavia going. I believe it said Oclavia is now available in 27 or 28 States. Mine came from South Dakota. Seems to be a promising &iLife saving drug for many.

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  • Stay positive! Believe that you WILL respond to it and you won't experience intolerable side effects. Good to be prepared with Benadryl ( smart to get liquid version 😀) I'm 65 btw. Here's hoping we still have a good run ahead of us!

  • Thank you! Yes ma'am I plan to still be fighting PBC a long time from now. Women are tough that way😊

  • Do you take Oclavia?

  • No, I am on URSO and so far responding, I also intentionally lost 18-20 pounds over last 2 years.. belly fat.

    Wish u all the best.

  • That's wonderful. Stay in touch🌷

  • Good luck with it. Mine comes in by FedEx from Tennessee😊

  • Thanks! Hope you're feeling okay😊

  • Would be interested in hearing how it goes for you on Oclavia. Keep me posted. What is stage of your PBC.

    Dianne Dennis

  • Dianne, I don't know stage just yet. Fibroscan next Thursday, 14th

  • What do you take?

  • Stay informed and keep me posted.

  • Urso, which I handle find. Much itching at first, but adjusted nicely. Numbers just aren't getting as low as the Mayo Clinic wants to see.

  • I was on Urso 1 1/2 weeks. Started little itch & progressed to hives. First my rear cheeks, next day inside thigh & face felt itchy. That's when I called dr. He just said something unit I couldn't tolerate. He says Oclavia has different ingredients so we're hoping...😊

  • Good luck with it. 😊

  • Thank. You 😀

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