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Fillers and PBC


Hi ,

I was diagnosed in May 2018 with stage 1 ( liver biopsy). Since taking ursidol my numbers have gone down.

I'm starting to notice loss of volume in my face and wanted to try fillers ( juverderm , restylane ..........). Does anyone know if it's ok or has anyone had fillers with PBC.

Yes I am going to discuss this with my Dr but wanted to hear from my fellow PBC community.

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Are you sure you're not losing weight? I lost over 20 lbs with this illness and my face has always been thin too :( I must admit, I have tried several different brands of urso due to feeling awful all the time and not eating right and then went off gluten for a while so I am sure that is how I lost weight but I haven't put it back on either. (Still try to maintain gluten free)

I use it, there are no any studies or indications of harmful effects on liver.

Everything effects us, of course, but you cant live in a bubble)

It will be more damaging for your nervous system, if you will feel unhappy about your appearance)

Stress affects liver the most! Xo

mrspeffer in reply to luxe66

I went to a Chinese trained acupuncturist who did a series of treatments on my face. I'm sure it can be done by many different acupuncturists. The results were amazing and the touch ups are few and far between. Much safer that fillers. Make sure to do your before and after pictures...It was truly pain free and the results very natural looking.

Mimi61196 in reply to mrspeffer

The acupuncture helped to restore fullness in your face ?

Mimi61196 in reply to luxe66

I can't agree more. I am going to do it. I want to feel good about myself

Yes..stimulates collagen

Another thing to try is an exercise program by Annilese Hagen titled Yoga Face. There are other people out there who offer a similar program, but hers is the one I use and know. Get the DVD. Also has a book. I am actually studying this now to do a workshop on it next year. I believe there are YouTubes on her program. Bought mine on Amazon. Have fun with this. I'm now 65. People always tell me I look like I'm in my mid 50's....maybe it's the acupuncture(been over 2 years now with no followup, or the Yoga Face or both. Could be they are being nice. Whatever i can do to feel better, I'm there. Be well

Mimi61196 in reply to mrspeffer

I’m going to look this up as well. I’m 43 and my face is quit thin. I like a more of a fuller look. Does the yoga help with that too ? I’m glad you are feeling well. I hope you continue too.

mrspeffer in reply to Mimi61196

It will lift the skin that lays over the muscles you exercise. It will help, but takes a commitment of frequent sessions. I like the DVD over the book because I can see the movements. Will the face get fuller? Maybe, but hers is more of a way to rid and prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, crow's feet, forehead lines. Also addresses the neck. If you start now, by the time you are my age, you will be fabulous

Mimi61196 in reply to mrspeffer

Got it. Thank you !!!

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